Department of Transportation

Operating Requirements

A variety of rules apply to the general operation of trucks. These are some of the most common operating issues. In addition, check with individual municipalities to confirm local regulations and laws as they may apply.

Vehicle issues
What information has to appear on my commercial vehicle?
The name of the owner, lessee or lessor of the vehicle, the name of the municipality of their primary place of business and the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). The sign must be in plain view, and the letters must be not less than 3 inches tall. Operators of fleets with 50 or more commercial vehicles may instead display a corporate identification number. More details are available in N.J.S.A. 39:4-46 Commercial Vehicles Shall Display Name Plate.

How can I get a roadside inspection report?
FAX a request on company letterhead listing the date and inspection number to the New Jersey Department of Transportation at 609.530.5270.

Where are the commercial truck weigh stations?
Permanent weigh stations are located at:
  • I-78 EB and WB at mile marker 3.0
  • I-80 EB 1 mile east of the Pennsylvania State Line
  • I-287 NB at mile marker 9.0
  • I-295 NB at Mile Marker 3.6, Carney’s Point
New Jersey also uses portable scales.

Contact Division of State Police, Commercial Vehicle Inspection: 609.452.2601 Extension 5923.

Driver Issues
Where can I get the forms to give to my doctor for my USDOT physical?
Forms are available online. Also, contact the New Jersey Motor Truck Association at 732.254.5000.

What are the hours of service rules?
Information is available online.

What are the training requirements for entry-level drivers?
Information is available online, note the driver qualifications section. Also, contact FMCSA Information Line at 1.800.832.5660.

Operating issues
How do I find out about tolls? Does New Jersey have idling restrictions? Where can I find information about New Jersey, county and local anti-idling regulations?
Information is available for New Jersey programs and the state and local regulations and how you can save money while reducing emissions on the SmartWaySM Transport Partnership web site.

Last updated date: August 7, 2019 10:20 AM