Department of Transportation

Concept Development

The New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) Study and Development (S&D) Program is a list of study and development projects active at NJDOT. Study and development is used to develop feasible and appropriate solutions to address transportation issues. Study and development has three specific phases: concept development, feasibility assessment and preliminary design.

Concept Development Process
The Concept Development Process involves a traffic study needs analysis, corridor study and other work to prepare for project development. The purpose of Concept Development is to deliver projects to Preliminary Engineering with a well-defined need and a recommended idea that has been environmentally reviewed and has received community support. Concept Development includes the following elements:

  • Early and intensive public involvement
  • Evaluation of the project needs
  • Analysis of physical deficiencies
  • Environmental screening
  • Evaluation of alternative strategies of Congestion Management System (CMS)
  • Definition of potential concepts, limits and/or complimentary strategies as well as construction staging and phasing opportunities
  • Address community design/aesthetic opportunities
  • Order of magnitude cost estimate.

The Concept Development Process is divided into the following four phases:

  • Background research and work program development
  • Issue identification and project need
  • Congestion management strategies and fulfilling Congestion Management System (CMS) requirements
  • Concept Development and Analysis

The Route 1, Forrestal Road to Aaron Road Project is currently in the Concept Development phase which began in May 2009 and should be completed in January 2011. The background research and traffic studies are in process to determine transportation deficiencies in the study area and develop clearly defined project needs.

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