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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this work necessary?
route 1 and aaron road photo
Route 1 and Aaron Road
(looking west)

This section of the Route 1 Corridor from Forrestal Road to Aaron Road experiences high levels of congestion and accident rates which cause severe traffic delays and safety concerns.
What is the schedule?
The following is the anticipated schedule. Both funding and the types of proposed improvements will influence the final design and construction schedule.
Concept Development Phase May 2009 - January 2011
Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Studies Phase Spring 2011 - Fall 2012
Final Design Phase(s) To be determined
Construction Phase(s) To be determined
What parts of the Route 1 Corridor are included in the study?
This study will include a portion of Route 1 that begins in Plainsboro Township at Forrestal Road (milepost 13.30) and passes South Brunswick Township to Aaron Road in the area of Adams Lane (milepost 22.50) in North Brunswick Township. Additionally, the jug handles and the accessing local roads on Route 1 will be analyzed.
Does the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) plan to widen Route 1 in this area?
Route 1 and the various intersections will be examined and concepts developed to address the project needs.
Have the project's improvements been determined?
No, NJDOT is currently in the early stages of the study and the project's improvements have not yet been proposed.
How much will it cost and who will pay for it?
The estimated cost of this project has yet to be determined since the improvements have not been established. Therefore, the amount of State and/or Federal funding has not yet been determined.
What are the environmental elements?
Environmental issues that will influence the options to move forward into design include wetlands, noise and air quality, hazardous materials, archeology, historic buildings or structures and socioeconomic concerns.
How will the community be involved in this project?
NJDOT is committed to have an active, continuous public and community outreach effort on this project. Local municipalities will have the opportunity to participate in Local Officials' Briefings and Public Information Center meetings hosted by NJDOT to share information about the project and to obtain community input.
How can I stay informed or offer suggestions?
You may:
  • Check this Web site regularly for updated information
  • Attend Public Information Centers
  • Complete the form to be placed on the project mailing list.
What if I have other questions or concerns about the project?
NJDOT encourages community members to voice their concerns and contribute suggestions to the Project Team. To provide input, attend one of the public meetings, email or contact:

Meredith Hammond
New Jersey Department of Transportation
1035 Parkway Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08625

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