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Electronic Data Submittal Applications (EDSA7) Manual Update

Download Users Manual Changelog

Current version: Version 7.1.5; Last updated May 3, 2013.

This is the manual update for EDSA7, it requires unzipping the file and the update program. As an anternative, you can install the full EDSA7 program which will go through an installer to update EDSA7.

This is to update previous version of EDSA7 7.1.2 through 7.1.4 to the current version of 7.1.5. If EDSA7 is not installed or you have 7.1.0 or 7.1.1 on your machine, ignore this update and install the full EDSA7 program.

Installation instructions:

  • EDSA 7.1.2 or higher must be installed on your machine. (The version number is indicated on the title next to the disk icon.)
  • Download the
  • Unzip to a temporary directory.
  • Perform one of the following:
    • Run update_edsa.exe. Please note that Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is required for application to run.
    • Copy the files in the temporary directory to your EDSA directory.
  • If you are having problems with the manual update, you can also perform the standard EDSA7 install to update to the current version.

Download EDSA7 Manual Update


Version History:

  • View the EDSA7 Changelog for changes to the program.
  • August 2012: Major update adding extra features and better checking
  • July 29, 1999: Minor corrections to fix a long filename problem some people experienced with unZIP utilties or network file systems that don't recognize long filenames.
  • July 26, 1999: Major version change. Version 5.00.001