Farmers, lenders, and creditors may use the Agricultural Mediation Program to help resolve agricultural credit issues. An agricultural credit matter might involve a farm loan from the USDA Farm Service Agency, a loan from a private lender (such as Farm Credit East or a commercial bank), or financing from a private business (such as an equipment dealer, infrastructure supplier, or other agricultural service provider).

The ability to access credit and resolve credit issues is important to running a farm business. Buying or leasing equipment, purchasing farmland, and adding a new barn or other farm infrastructure are a few examples in which having financing can be necessary. Uncertainties in agriculture (e.g., weather-related crop losses or poor markets), personal circumstances (e.g., a health issue or strained business relationship), and other factors sometimes constrain a farmer’s ability to make the required payments. When an agricultural credit issue arises, the farmer and the lender can use the Agricultural Mediation Program to discuss the matter and consider ideas and solutions.

Request mediation

To request mediation regarding an agricultural credit issue, complete one of the following forms:

Program staff will then follow up with you and the other party to see if a mediation session can be scheduled.

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