See below for more information on the proposed Soil Protection Standards rules.

Baseline Soil Disturbance Maps

Find My Map


1. Click Find My Map to view your Baseline Soil Disturbance Map.

2. Then enter the Farm Map ID you received by mail (to view a detailed version of your map).

Note: See our short YouTube tutorial video for more information on using the map. If you have questions about the map and letter you received, you can also ask them through this online form and receive a call back with a response.

Proposed Rules

Click here for a copy of the proposed Soil Protection Standards rules published in the New Jersey Register on August 7, 2023 at 55 NJR 8(1). (Proposed Soil Protection Standards rules).


Public Hearing - September 27, 2023

The SADC held a virtual public hearing on the proposed Soil Protection Standards rules on September 27, 2023. Click here for a copy of the public notice for the hearing.

Recording of the September 27, 2023 public hearing 

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Additional Resources

SPS Rule and Map Overview for Grantees (Click link to watch video)

This video has been edited for clarity. A question posed during the webinar that was not answered clearly, therefore, it has been omitted from this recording.

The question posed was: Whether farms that are preserved in the future, after the adoption of the soil protection standard rules, are also eligible for the option of requesting an additional 2% or 1 acre of disturbance, or whether that option was only open to farms preserved prior to adoption of the rules.

The answer to that question is: The option for an additional 1 acre or 2% as the limit for disturbance does not apply to farms preserved after the date the rules are adopted. Farms preserved after the adoption of the rules are subject to the 12%/4-acre limit, and are eligible to apply for all potential waivers afforded in the rule.

From Past SADC meetings (PowerPoint Presentations and Documents):

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