Farmers, neighbors, and muncipalities may use the free Agricultural Mediation Program to help resolve Right to Farm-related issues. In the event of a Right to Farm dispute, mediation may be used as an alternative to the formal complaint and public hearing process outlined in the Right to Farm Act. Parties interested in mediation are encouraged to request mediation early on, such as before any formal public hearings have begun or even before a formal complaint has been filed.  

In contrast with the formal Right to Farm complaint process, mediation enables farmers and others to discuss and resolve their issues more quickly and informally. The mediation process is less adversarial, allows parties to shape their own solutions and agreements, and helps maintain better relationships and prevent addtional conflicts in the future.  

Most Right to Farm-related mediations involve a single mediation session. Additional or follow-up sessions may also be scheduled depending on the nature of the issues or the parties’ interests. The mediation process is voluntary and confidential.

Request mediation

To request mediation, complete the mediation request form. Program staff will then follow up with you and the other party to see if a mediation session can be scheduled.

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Learn more about mediation

To learn more about mediation, visit the Agricultural Mediation Program homepage and see the Agricultural Mediation Program Handbook.

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