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Safe & Responsible Consumption

Adult cannabis use under safe and normal circumstances can have desirable effects. The goals for many cannabis users include feelings of well-being, mild disorientation, or increased appetite. However, safety is key to enjoying recreational cannabis while avoiding negative outcomes.  Though they may vary widely by individual, some possible adverse effects are extreme confusion paranoia, anxiety, or panic, extremely fast heart rate, increased blood pressure, delusions, nausea, or hallucinations. Here are some ways adults can be safe using cannabis. 

Buy from licensed dispensaries and understand how to read the label well. (There are no licensed dispensaries for recreational cannabis at this time. When they become operational, a directory of those retailers will be posted here)

  • Understand THC levels and use cannabis products in moderation. 
  • Be aware that other forms of consumption may take much longer to have an effect than vaping or smoking, and the effects may stick around for longer. For example: 
    • Smoked cannabis takes effect within a few minutes of inhalation and fades quickly if not re-inhaled 
    • Vaped cannabis may be the same as smoked, or faster 
    • Edible cannabis may take 1-2 hours for effect, but can last for several hours 
  • Know that using cannabis along with alcohol, medicines, other stimulants, and even some foods can impair more than either of them on their own. 
  • Store cannabis products out of the reach of minors and pets. Locked away is best. 
  • Do not use cannabis products if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. 
  • Understand there are adverse effects of smoke inhalation from cannabis products. 
  • Avoid exposing others to secondhand smoke. 
  • Cannabis containers must be sealed shut in your car. 
  • Do not operate large machinery – including automobiles – while under the influence of cannabis. 
  • Do not share your stash with anyone under 21 years old. 
  • If you think you or someone else may have cannabis poisoning or toxicity, call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 or chat/text at to connect with a healthcare professional. 
  • If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction of any substance you may get help here: Addiction Services. 

Keep Children & Pets Safe 

Though typically not dangerous to adults, cannabis products can cause serious harm to children and pets.  To keep them safe, the New Jersey Poison Control Center suggests: 

  • buying products from licensed dispensaries in childproof, resealable packaging. Remember child resistant packaging is NOT childproof but can be an important line of defense – buying a few extra minutes to prevent an accident. (There are no licensed dispensaries for recreational cannabis at this time. When they become operational, a directory of those retailers will be posted here)
  • keeping cannabis and cannabis products out of sight, particularly those might look like food or candy to a child. 
  • avoiding buying products that are likely to be visually appealing to children. 
  • teaching children to always stop and ask an adult before eating any goodies around the house. 


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