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Office of Volunteer Services

Disclaimer - In accordance with 10A:17-2.5, “Any person desiring to serve as a volunteer must represent or be a member in-good standing of an organization, such as, but not limited to, a church, mosque, synagogue, or educational entity, from which that person must obtain a letter of endorsement that shall be submitted along with the volunteer application.”

NJDOC volunteers support the overall mission of the department and are essential in the effective delivery of programming and supportive services for the offender population. The major goal of the Office of Volunteer Services is to ensure the proper recruitment, processing, training, evaluation and recognition of NJDOC volunteers. As such, the Office of Volunteer Services, through assistance from volunteer coordinators in each institution, recruits, trains and supports individuals throughout the community who seek to volunteer in the areas of religious services, educational and social services programming, medical/psychological services, administration, reentry programming and recreational services.

The Office of Volunteer Services further provides recommendations for accurate procedures and manuals with regard to the Volunteer Services Program throughout the department. All NJDOC volunteers are subject to an extensive application process, which includes appropriate screening, a criminal history background check and volunteer orientation and training. The Office of Volunteer Services works collaboratively with the institutional volunteer coordinators, the Special Investigations Division and ID Card Units in maintaining documentation, tracking and reporting systems regarding the Volunteer Services Program. All volunteers must provide evidence of being up to date on their COVID vaccination during the application procedures.

The New Jersey Department of Corrections has volunteer opportunities available in multiple areas, including such areas as education, chaplaincy and social services. For more information contact Volunteer Services at or click on the following links:

Volunteer Application
Volunteer Rules and Responsibilities
Application for Volunteer ID Cards
Instructions for Completing Volunteer Applications
Volunteer Dress Code
Handbook for Volunteers November 19, 2019

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