The Core Mission of the Civil Service Commission is to advance NJ government with fair and efficient human resources responsive to the needs of the Civil Service workforce.


Each day the Civil Service Commission is faced with a variety of concerns that must be continuously addressed. It is vital to all employees that the staff stay focused and determined to achieve their overall tasks. The key priorities of the CSC are:

  • Renewed Responsiveness
  • Expert Problem Solving
  • Transparency and Education
  • Removing barriers to elevate the status and desirability of public


The Civil Service Commission possesses a variety of responsibilities in response to employee needs. Overall, the CSC is responsible for:

  • Recruitment and examination of qualified candidates
  • Administration of the classification and compensation program for State employees
  • Promoting equal employment opportunity and diversity and inclusion
  • Providing administrative and disciplinary appeal procedures for employees
  • Providing professional and personal development opportunities for employees

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