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Proposed Readoption with Amendments and Repeals N.J.A.C. 3A:57

New Jersey Register

April 16, 2018

Standards for Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence


June 15, 2018



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PDF File
N.J.A.C. 10:11  Instructional Staff NJAC 10_11.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:120A  Dispute Resolution NJAC 10_120A.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:121  Adoptions NJAC 10_121.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:121A  Manual of Requirements for Adoption Agencies NJAC 10_121A.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:121C  Requirements for CP&P Adoptions NJAC 10_121C.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:122  Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers NJAC 10_122.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:122A  AFDC Foster Care Plan NJAC 10_122A.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:122B  Resource Care NJAC 10_122B.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:122C  Manual of Requirements for Resource Family Parents NJAC 10_122C.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:122D  Services for Children in Out-of-Home Placement NJAC 10_122D.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:122E  Removal of Children in Placement From Resource Family Homes NJAC 10_122E.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:124  Manual of Standards for Children's Shelter Facilities and Homes NJAC 10_124.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:126  Manual of Requirements for Family Child Care Registration NJAC 10_126.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:126A  Division Utilization of Family Child Care Providers NJAC 10_126A.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:129  Child Protection Investigations NJAC 10_129.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:130  Standards for Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence NJAC 10_130.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:131  Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980 Requirements NJAC 10_131.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:132  Court Actions and Procedures NJAC 10_132.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:132A  Legal Guardianship NJAC 10_132A.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:133  Service Delivery General Provisions NJAC 10_133.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:133D  Case Management NJAC 10_133D.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:133E  Services NJAC 10_133E.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:133G  Client information NJAC 10_133G.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:133H  General Placement Provisions NJAC 10_133H.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:133J  Termination of Parental Rights NJAC 10_133J.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:133K  New Jersey Safe Haven infant Protection Act Procedures and Requirements NJAC 10_133K.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:196  Determination of Eligibility for Functional Services From The Division of Children's System of Care NJAC 10_196.pdf
N.J.A.C. 10:37H  Youth Case Management Services NJAC 10_37H.pdf
N.J.A.C. 5:60  Displaced Homemaker Programs NJAC 5_60.pdf
N.J.A.C. 5:61  Address Confidentiality Program NJAC 5_61.pdf
N.J.A.C. 5:62  Women's Micro-Business Program NJAC 5_62.pdf



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Notice to Providers Regarding Fraud Prevention

Sandy Fraud Prevention and Notice 


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Proposed Amendment to New Jersey Medicaid State Plan for Health Home Services in Mercer County

Click HERE for public notice regarding proposed amendment to New Jersey Medicaid State Plan for health home services in Mercer County.


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