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Agricultural Fire Permits

Forest Fire Laws of Title 13, Chapter 9 New Jersey State Forest Fire Service declare that: “No person shall set fire to or cause to be set on fire in any manner whatsoever; or to start fires anywhere and permit them to spread to forests without first obtaining written permission by the department."

Agricultural Open Burning

New Jersey Administrative Code 7:27 Subchapter 2 “Control and Prohibition of Open Burning” requires that the Forest Fire Service administer and issue permits for the following:

  • Infested Plant Life
  • Herbaceous Plant Life and Hedgerows
  • Orchard Prunings and Cullings
  • Agricultural Land Clearing

These Agricultural Open burning permits are issued only to bonafide agricultural or related operations and not individual homeowners.

Permits cannot be issued when another effective method of disposal is available, and they cannot be issued in any municipality which prohibits open burning.

Permits may be declared void by the department and fee forfeited by any misrepresentation and/or burning in a manner or purpose other than intended. A fine may also be imposed.

Permits are not transferable, must be in possession of the person doing the burning and shown upon request.

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