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In order to carry out its fire suppression mission, the New Jersey Forest Fire Service maintains a fleet of 273 vehicles, 23 dozer-with-plow units, 164 pieces of specialized equipment and 6 aircraft for a total fleet of 460. The maintenance of Forest Fire Service equipment is conducted at divisional shops in Andover, New Lisbon and Mays Landing.

The Forest Fire Service constructs all of its own initial attack fire suppression vehicles. Starting with a truck cab and chassis, utility body, and 250-gallon tank; plumbing, special reinforcing and emergency equipment are added to complete the job. This is accomplished at a savings of approximately $40,000 per unit, which is the difference between what the unit cost the service to construct as opposed to what it would cost to purchase one commercially.

The NJ Forest Fire Service also participates in the Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) program. This is a program whereby the United States Forest Service makes available vehicles and equipment deemed surplus on loan to state and volunteer organizations for the purpose of rural and wildland fire protection. This equipment includes, but is not limited to, such things as fire hose, portable pumps, generators, and surplus vehicles from pick-up trucks to military cargo trucks, heavy equipment and aircraft.

Much of this equipment requires modification to be useful in wildland fire suppression, and much of this conversion is accomplished at the Forest Fire Equipment Research and Development facility, presently located in Mays Landing. The mission of the Research and Development shop is to support and further the ability of the Forest Fire Service to fulfill its mission of protecting the lives and property of the residents of New Jersey.

2019 Ford F-450 4x4 chassis with a commercial body (Knaphide), with brush protection, and outfitted by the New Jersey Forest Fire Service. This truck has a 250 gpm pump and a 250 gallon water tank. This is one of 100 type 6 engines used for off-road wildland fires. Assigned to section B10.

Creating custom drip torches at the NJ Forest Fire Service Research and Development facility in Mays Landing - 10/14/2020