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Prescribed Fire Permits

Forest Fire Laws of Title 13, Chapter 9 New Jersey State Forest Fire Service declare that: “No person shall set fire to or cause to be set on fire in any manner whatsoever; or to start fires anywhere and permit them to spread to forests without first obtaining written permission by the department."

Prescribed Burning
Prescribed burning can be a safe and cost-effective method of reducing fuels, vegetation and leaf litter that could contribute to a wildfire, across a broad landscape. Private forest landowners or lessees should consider whether prescribed burning could be used as a management tool to reduce fuels if:

  • There exists a heavy fuel accumulation and the woodland is vulnerable to wildland fire; and
  • The burn will help to reduce wildfire risk

The Prescribed Burn Application period is now OPEN for the 2022-23 season. Applications are now being accepted at your local Forest Fire Service Division Office. For more information on Prescribed Burning and which application is applicable to you, please visit our updated FAQ page or visit our link below:

Note: If you are a Municipal, County or Federal Government agency, please contact your local Forest Fire Service Division Office for separate application instructions.