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Berkowitz Fat Company

Berkowitz Fat Co., Inc.,
City of Newark, Essex County
PI: 440758

From the June 2009 Update

The Berkowitz Fat Company (“Berkowitz Fat”) is a rendering plant facility is located at 38-42 Bay Avenue, Newark NJ 07105. Rendering plants cook meat wastes (including  discarded animal materials carcasses, carcasses, trimmings, grease and fat from butchers, restaurants, grocery stores) to make oils for paints/varnishes, tallow for soaps/cold cream/make-up and protein meal/bone meal of cow/sheep feed. Berkowitz is a family run business and had been operating at the location in the Ironbound Section of Newark  for over 50 years

Please see the 2007 Berkowitz Fat Company fact sheet and its 2009 update for more information.

Photos from the Site

Berkowitz's routine operations, note meat pile in the center right

Raw meat storage area

Vehicle fueling area, note the yellowish material on the ground is Diesel Fuel from the leaking pump

Open 55-gallon drums of cooking oils made from meat processing by-products

Berkowitz's equipment storage area before DEP clean-up

Bone meal storage area


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