Flooding Events in the DRB
Informational Workshop For Public Officials

An informational workshop for public officials sponsored jointly by the Delaware River Basin Commission and PPL Corporation was held on May 25, 2005 at PPL's Lake Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center near Hawley, Pa.

About 75 persons from various levels of government (municipal, county, state, and federal) in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey attended the meeting.

The purpose of the workshop was to review the facts regarding the flood event of April 3-4, 2005, and to provide a forum for discussions regarding reservoir operations, flood warning and mitigation.


Peter Ahnert, Hydrologist in Charge, National Weather Service, Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center: AHPS Flood Forecast Modeling and Inclusion of Reservoir Spills -- view presentation (pdf 3.4 MB)

Ronald Thompson, Surface Water Specialist, U.S. Geological Survey, Pennsylvania Water Science Center: Overview of April 3-4 Hydrology and Flood Crests -- view presentation (pdf 281 KB)

Francis Cook, Hydraulic Engineer, Reservoir Regulation Section, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District: Design of Corps Reservoirs and Performance During 2005 Flood Event -- view presentation (pdf 775 KB)

Paul Rush, P.E., Director-West of Hudson Operations Division, New York City Department of Environmental Protection: Design of New York City Reservoirs and Performance During 2005 Flood Event -- view presentation (pdf 1.1 MB)

Gary Petrewski, P.E., Senior Engineer, PPL Generation, LLC.: Design of Lake Wallenpaupack and Performance During 2005 Flood Event -- view presentation (pdf 814 KB)

Alan Tamm, Bureau of Recovery and Mitigation, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency: Overview of Flood Mitigation Planning -- no powerpoint presentation was used

Carol Collier, Executive Director, Delaware River Basin Commission: Flood Loss Reduction Priorities Recommended by DRBC Staff -- view presentation (pdf 2.8 MB); view handout of ten recommendations (revised in response to discussion at the July 13 Flood Advisory Committee meeting; pdf 15 KB)