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CTE: Certificate of Eligibility Educator Preparation Program-Year 1 of 5

Division: Teaching and Learning
Office: Career Readiness


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Purpose: The Career and Technical Education Certificate of Eligibility Educator Preparation Program (CTE-CEEP) is a five year pilot program to develop a CTE-CEEP program in response to the adoption of N.J.A.C. 6A:9A-5 in November, 2015. This program includes a pre-service component of 50 hours to be completed by each CE candidate. Additionally, the program must provide candidates with a minimum of 350 formal instruction hours or 24 semester-hour credits. The candidates for this program will be offered a curriculum to meet the specific educational needs of CTE provisional teacher candidates. The outcome of the CTE-CEEP program will be the continued improvement of the preparation of individuals entering the secondary CTE teaching profession through New Jersey's alternate route teacher program. As a result, CTE teacher recruitment and retention rates will increase and, importantly, CTE student performance will increase. The Career and Technical Education Certificate of Eligibility Educator Preparation Program (CTE-CEEP), is a competitive grant open to 2 and 4 year public institutions of higher education in New Jersey who apply in partnership with at least three (3) county vocational schools. This NGO covers a seventeen month initial project period. The funding source is federal Perkins Leadership funds. Based on the availability of federal resources, this first year of the grant program will begin February 1, 2017 and end June 30, 2018.

Eligible Agencies: 2 or 4 Year Higher Education Institutions partnering with at least 3 County Vo-Tech School Districts

Approximate Number of Awards: 1 Grant Program Type: Competitive
Total Amt. Available: $330,000 Application Due Date: 11/29/2016

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