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Our Role in New Jersey

Our primary goal is to improve the well-being and quality of life for all New Jerseyans. We do this by providing essential services and implementing comprehensive measures that prioritize public health.

Here's a list of the important work we do:

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Disease Prevention and Control

We are at the forefront of preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Through diligent monitoring, epidemiological investigations, and proactive strategies, we strive to control and mitigate disease outbreaks. We provide guidance to health care providers, develop immunization programs, and foster public awareness of critical health measures to keep people safe.

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Health Promotion and Education

We believe in empowering individuals to lead healthy lives. By launching educational campaigns and promoting healthy lifestyles, we work to raise awareness about important health topics like tobacco use, obesity, substance abuse, and chronic diseases.

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Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies and disasters can strike unexpectedly. That's why we are dedicated to preparedness and response. We collaborate with local, state, and federal agencies to develop comprehensive emergency plans, coordinate disaster response efforts, and ensure our health care system is resilient and capable of handling crises.

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Licensing and Regulation

We play a pivotal role in licensing and regulating health care facilities and professionals, ensuring compliance with stringent health and safety standards. Our oversight spans hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory care centers, and various health care practitioners, promoting the delivery of safe and quality care.

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Health Data Collection and Analysis

Data is the foundation of effective public health planning. We collect and analyze health data to identify trends, assess community health needs, and inform policy decisions. By maintaining vital records, conducting health surveys, and producing insightful reports, we shape public health programs and initiatives.

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Health Equity and Disparities

We are committed to addressing health disparities and promoting health equity across New Jersey. We strive to reduce inequities in access to health care, health outcomes, and social determinants of health. Our focus is on empowering disadvantaged communities and ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to lead a healthy life.

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Health Regulation and Policy Development

Through our regulatory and policy efforts, we champion public health and safety. We collaborate with stakeholders, engage in rulemaking processes, and enforce compliance with health laws and regulations. By shaping and upholding standards, we protect the well-being of New Jersey residents.

State Psychiatric Hospitals

NJDOH operates a high-quality, patient-focused system of four inpatient psychiatric hospitals dedicated to providing wellness and recovery for all patients.

Ancora Psych Hospital
Ancora Psychiatric Hospital

Ancora Psychiatric Hospital is a 600-bed adult inpatient facility that offers a multidisciplinary team approach to development and implementation of care.

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Greystone Park Psych Hospital
Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital is a 506-bed psychiatric hospital serving a designated New Jersey population. First opened in 1876, the modern facility opened in 2008.

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Trenton Psych Hospital
Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital is a 400-bed psychiatric hospital serving a designated New Jersey population.

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Ann Klein Forensic Center
Ann Klein Forensic Center

The Ann Klein Forensic Center, a 200-bed facility, is the state's newest psychiatric hospital and serves a unique population that requires a secured environment. Our facility provides care and treatment to individuals suffering from mental illness who are also within the legal system.

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