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Office of the Secretary of Higher Education

New Jersey College Student and Parent Consumer Information Act Comparative Profile

The New Jersey College Student and Parent Consumer Information Act requires each New Jersey four-year public college and university to display on its website comprehensive information on the cost of attendance, the graduation rates of admitted students, and the faculty of the institution. It also requires NJ Higher Education to establish the guidelines, criteria, and format in reporting the information prepared pursuant to the Act.

The statute specifies certain required data for inclusion and calls for NJ Higher Education to create a comparative profile of the student consumer information reports for this website.

Access Individual College and University Student and Parent Consumer Information Act Reports

The institutions' postings may include commentary, contextual information, and other important notes which do not appear in the Comparative Profile, and students and parents are urged to access the individual institutional reports by clicking on the name(s) of the institution(s) of interest below.

Other Annually Reported Public Institution Data

Institutional Profiles: State statute requires that each of New Jersey's 31 public institutions of higher education prepare and make available to the public an annual report on the condition of the institution. The form and content of this annual report is established by New Jersey Higher Education.

Frequently Requested Statistical Tables: Tables generated from reports submitted in conjunction with the requirements of the New Jersey Student Unit Record Enrollment system (SURE) and the U.S. Department of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

Last Updated: Thursday, 02/03/22