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Office of the Secretary of Higher Education

Inventory of Program Offerings

What is the Inventory of Program Offerings?

The Inventory of Degree and Certificate Program Offerings at New Jersey Institutions of Higher Education, contains information about the approved degree and certificate programs at licensed New Jersey Institutions of Higher Education.

What IS included?

  • Full degree programs;
  • Credit bearing certificate programs, which includes certificates of achievement, pre-associate certificates, and graduate certificates such as post-baccalaureate certificates and post-master certificates.

What IS NOT included?

  • A comprehensive list of collegiate teacher preparation programs;
    • Such offerings are approved by the NJ Department of Education, which grants teaching certificates to students completing prescribed course sequences. In some instances these curricula correspond to listings in this inventory, but colleges also offer teacher training programs that are not degree programs.
  • Non credit offerings;
  • "Options", "Concentrations" and specific "Emphasis" on a program.

View a more comprehensive description on the Inventory of Program Offerings.

Want to know what programs are offered at a specific New Jersey Institution of Higher Education?

The Inventory of Program Offerings Search Tool:

The Inventory of Program Offerings Downloadable Lists:

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Additional Resources:

Classification of Instructional Program codes are provided by the National Center for Education Statistics U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, which are updated every 10 years.

Last Updated: Monday, 01/09/23