Transportation Resources for NJ Residents with Disabilities

New Jersey Transit

New Jersey Transit provides commuter services through bus routes and rail lines in New Jersey and into New York and Pennsylvania. Lift-equipped and kneeling buses, as well as accessible rail stations, are important elements of New Jersey Transit's services to people with disabilities.

NJ Transit Reduced Fair Program

Special rates are available for residents 62 years of age or older and people with disabilities. Personal assistants ride for free when proper identification is presented by the person with a disability. Even qualifying out-of-state residents can ride on NJ TRANSIT buses and trains at the reduced rate. Passengers with disabilities and those who are 65 and older may simply show their valid NJ Transit Reduced Fare ID or Medicare Card to the vehicle operator and present the appropriate fare. Those between the ages of 62-64 may be asked to present a valid ID including date of birth to get the reduced fare.

For more information:
(973) 491-7112
Apply for a Reduced Fare ID

NJ Transit Access Link (ADA Paratransit)

Access Link can be used for any purpose including the following: travel to places of employment, education, recreation, shopping, to attend social functions, visit family, friends, physicians, dentists, run errands or just to get out of the house and relax. Comparable to the local bus service, it is a "shared-ride" system, meaning other customers may be picked up and dropped off while transporting you to your final destination, service is available during the same days and hours as the regularly scheduled local fixed route service, and you are charged a fare to ride.

While riders generally need to be able to leave their house and board the bus on their own, drivers may assist individuals in walking from house to bus. This is done on a case by case basis as long as riders, when scheduling, ask for an accommodation.


Community Transportation by County

Each of the 21 counties in New Jersey provides a paratransit service for older residents and people with disabilities. For more information on local paratransit services, including hours of operation, reservation procedures and any fees:

  • Atlantic County - (609) 645-5910
  • Bergen County - (201) 368-5955
  • Burlington County - (877) 603-5111
  • Camden County - (856) 456-3344
  • Cape May County - (609) 889-3700
  • Cumberland County - (856) 691-7799
  • Essex County - (973) 618-1280
  • Gloucester County - (856) 686-8350
  • Hudson County - (201) 369-4320
  • Hunterdon County - (800) 842-0531
  • Mercer County - (609) 530-1971
  • Middlesex County - (800) 221-3520
  • Monmouth County - (732) 431-6480
  • Morris County - (973) 829-8103
  • Ocean County - (877) 929-2082
  • Passaic County - (973) 305-5756
  • Salem County - (856) 339-8644
  • Somerset County - (908) 231-7115
  • Sussex County - (973) 579-0480
  • Union County - (908) 241-8300
  • Warren County - (908) 454-4044

NJ 211

Search the 211 database using the term "transportation" and choose from the search categories provided to find the resource that best fits your needs.Transportation options in New Jersey vary greatly depending upon where you reside in our state. This page offers information on transportation systems that may help.


Medical Transportation for NJ FamilyCare Recipients

ModivCare provides non-emergency medical transportation to NJ FamilyCare clients living anywhere in the state. Passengers should call to request rides two days prior to their appointment and provide the following information:

  • Your NJ FamilyCare ID number
  • Your pick-up address and zip code
  • Name, phone number and address of medical provider
  • Appointment time and date
  • Special transportation needs

To make an appointment for a ride:



The New Jersey Travel Independence Program (NJTIP) teaches individuals with disabilities and older adults how to use public transportation safely and independently. NJTIP customers learn how to read bus and train schedules, plan their trips, pay their fares and take safety precautions. The only cost to customers during training is paying their own fares. Each graduate receives a free one-month bus pass. Training is offered in English and Spanish through one-on-one instruction, individual concierge and trip-planning services, small and large group instructions, and in-school instruction.

For more information:
Telephone: (848) 932-4499

Transportation Management Associations (TMA)

Transportation Management Associations (TMA) are non-profit, public-private partnerships dedicated to reducing traffic congestion and improving mobility by promoting alternative commuting modes like transit, community shuttles, and van/carpool programs. Eight TMAs cover all 21 counties in New Jersey.

Find the TMA serving your county at:



Amtrak offers additional services to passengers with disabilities.
For more information


Out of State Accessible Transit Services

Similar to NJ Transit’s Access Link, the services below provide door to door transportation for individuals 65 years of age or older and individuals with disabilities who are unable to use public transportation. Rides are required to be scheduled 1-3 days ahead of time.

  • Pennsylvania: SEPTA’s Customized Community Transportation
    Paratransit Service
    (215) 580-7145
  • New York: MTA’s Access-A-Ride
    (718) 393-4999

Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (CDRS)

Drivers with special medical considerations may benefit from the help and advice of a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist­ (CDRS).These specialists provide numerous services:

  • Evaluation of a driver's capabilities in physical and cognitive terms.
  • Special training and vehicle outfitting with adaptive equipment for drivers with medical conditions and disabilities.
  • Rehabilitation services for individuals with an illness or injury that has impaired their driving.

List of CDRS serving NJ residents

Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED)

A non-profit, professional network promoting excellence in the field of driver rehabilitation through leadership and advocacy in support of safe, independent community mobility. Provides a searchable database of CDRS’, mobility equipment dealers, and mobility equipment manufacturers.