Post Adoption Child Care

Under certain circumstances DCF's Child Protection and Permanency may determine that a child is eligible for post adoption subsidized child care.  The child care subsidy will be paid by voucher administered by the Division of Family Development (DFD).  Eligibility is based on the following criteria:

  • Post Adoption child care will be conditional upon state budget appropriations and may result in a reduction in the amount of child care subsidy, or child care subsidy may be time limited, suspended or discontinued.  The undersigned understand that child care costs may become my/our full financial responsibility.
  • The adoption child care subsidy is for children 0-6 years old, or until the child becomes eligible to attend kindergarten.
  • Child care will be limited to a licensed child care center, registered family child care setting or on a case by case basis, DYFS in-home care.
  • Child care subsidy will be at the state voucher rate and not the market rate.
  • Children age 3 and 4 residing in an Abbott district are expected to attend Abbott programs if available. Children who need pre-school handicapped programs are expected to attend those programs. Children are expected to attend Head Start programs if available. They will not be eligible for full-time child care in any other program.  The child may be eligible for part-time child care to augment the Abbott or preschool handicapped programs.
  • Any additional costs for child care including, but not limited to, registration fees, activity fees, late fees, transportation, additional days or hours will be the financial responsibility of the adoptive family.  There will be no reimbursement from DYFS and DFD.
  • The adoptive family will have 90 days from the adoption finalization date to complete and return the child care application packet required by DFD if the child care is a continuous service from pre-adoptive finalization thru post adoption finalization.
  • The adoptive family will be responsible to comply with any child care renewal procedures.
  • The adoptive family understands that any costs resulting from any missed deadlines, incomplete paperwork or failure to comply with any policy or procedure will be their financial responsibility and there will be NO reimbursement from DYFS and DFD.
  • Voucher payments may only be made to those child care providers who accept the voucher payment. There is no other payment mechanism for the PACC program.
  •  The post adoption child care may be terminated and or suspended if the adoptive family does not meet the eligibility requirements or adoption subsidy payments are suspended or terminated for any reason.


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