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Local and Regional WDB Plans, 2019 Modification

FAQs on the WIOA Local and Regional Plan Modification [pdf 116kb]

Local WDB WIOA Planning Guidance - Final 2/28/2019 [pdf 315kb]

Regional WIOA Planning Guidance - Final 2/28/2019 [pdf 187kb]

One-Stop Partner Matrix - Final 2-28-2019 [Excel version 18kb]

Local and Regional 2019 Plan Modifications PPT Presentation 2-28-2019 [pdf 181kb]

LMI Highlights PPT Presentation 2-28-2019 [pdf 325kb]

LMI Contact Information - 12-2019 [pdf 46kb]

LWD NJ Industry Partnerships Overview [pdf 253kb]

Local Area WIOA Performance Letter 2-27-2019 [pdf 98kb]

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Info 4-25-2019 [pdf 107kb]

OSCC Accessibility Info 4-25-2019 [pdf 110kb]

Veteran Priority of Service Info 4-25-2019 [pdf 81kb]

Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker (MSFW) Program Info 4-25-2019 [pdf 83kb]


NJ Local WDB 2018 Certification

Local WDB 2018 Certification - Process Resources

OSCC Certification

One-Stop Career Center Certification is a process driven by the local WDB. 

The SETC policy #2016-14 outlines the process for this certification. 

Completed certification documents may be emailed to OSCC-Cert@dol.nj.gov for SETC/LWD review.