WDB Certification Policy

The SETC Policy Resolution #2018-02 WDB Certification Process outlines the current process for local workforce development board (WDB) certification in New Jersey, as required by WIOA (Section 107 - Local Workforce Development Boards) and the New Jersey Rule on WDB Certification (N.J.A.C. 12:42-4).  The WDB Certification process is conducted every two years under these requirements. 


WDB Certifications 2018-2020

WDB Certification Awards 4-18-2019 [pdf 476kb]

WDB Certification Awards 6-18-2019 [pdf 598kb]

2018 WDB Certification Process and Resources

The following documents are provided for the 2018 WDB Certification process:

The previously issued SETC Policy #2015-01 Local WDB Membership and Appointments [pdf 195kb] provides an outline of the WDB membership requirements and appointments process, in compliance with the federal WIOA law of 2014.


USDOL Resources for Evaluation Activities

Additional information has been shared by USDOL-Employment and Training Administration (ETA) regarding workforce-related research and evaluation activities.