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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a permit?
Permits can be obtained by submitting a completed application and the appropriate fee by mail to the Office of Outdoor Advertising Services (OOAS). OOAS reviews applications to determine if the proposed sign conforms to federal and State law. A permit may be issued, but the sign cannot be constructed without municipal approvals.
How do I obtain an application form?
Application forms are available online.
What is the application fee?
Signs 100 square feet or less - $50
Signs more than 100 square feet - $200
What requirements must an application meet?
The regulations establish requirements for size, spacing, lighting and zoning. Specific requirements vary depending on the proposed location of a sign. Permits will not be issued for signs at locations not zoned industrial or commercial.
Where can I find the regulations?
The Outdoor Advertising regulations are published at N.J.A.C. 16:41C.
What are the disclosure requirements?
State statute (N.J.S.A. 27:5-28) requires that any person or company who holds any outdoor advertising license or permit must file a disclosure statement with the New Jersey Department of Transportation. If a disclosure statement is not filed, the license and/or permit are subject to revocation. Refer to page 2 of the disclosure form.
Do I need a permit if the sign is on the wall or roof of a building or if it is placed in my front window?
Yes. If it is an off-premise sign that is visible from any roadway.
Do I have to get a new permit each year?
You must renew your permit each year. All permits are valid through May 15. If you want to maintain a permit beyond May 15, you must renew it. The OOAS mails annual renewal notices to permit holders in March. However, even if you do not receive an invoice, you are obligated to renew your permit.
How far do the signs have to be set from the road?
There is no state requirement for a minimum setback from the front property line, but there may be local setback requirements.
Do I need approval from the municipality to build a sign?
Yes. Both state and local approval are needed. The State's permit requires the applicant to hold a public hearing or receive local approvals before construction can begin. More information is available in the regulations.
Can I place a sign in the highway right of way?
What are the fees for an application, permit and license?
Application Fees
Signs 100 square feet or less $50
Signs more than 100 square feet $200
Annual Permit Fees
Signs 1 to 100 square feet $25
Signs 101 to 300 square feet $70
Signs 301 to 600 square feet $170
Signs 601 to 1,000 square feet $460
Signs that are more than 1,000 square feet $635
Are the fees the same for churches and non-profit service clubs?
No-Fee permits may be obtained for these signs, subject to conformance with certain requirements. Contact us for further information.
I want to build a sign, but I don’t know who owns the property at the site. How can I get that information?
The municipal tax assessor’s office has the official records of property ownership. The property owner must sign the permit application form to affirm his or her consent to the placement of a sign on the property.
I want to build my sign in the Pinelands. Does that make a difference?
Yes. The New Jersey Pinelands Commission has its own regulations concerning development in the Pinelands. Before the New Jersey Department of Transportation can approve any application in the New Jersey Pinelands, State law requires that applicants obtain a Certificate of Filing or other approval from the Pinelands Commission. Contact the Pinelands Commission for more information.
Do I need a license?
A license is needed if the sign is used to advertise something other than the business of the permit holder.
What is the fee for a license?
License fees are $50 per year and are renewed every three years for a cost of $150.
How do I obtain a license?
You must submit a completed license application form to the OOAS in order to obtain a license.

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