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NJDOT Permits Overview

To help maintain our transportation network, permits may be required to build new access to a state roadway, to drive an overweight or overheight vehicle, or cross certain bridges. To further guide you to finding the information needed the following is a listing of the permits, licenses, and guidelines available within the NJDOT.
Over the course of the next year the Department is moving many of the permits listed below to a new ePermiting environment in the cloud. This e-Permitting public portal is a web-based, GIS-enabled application developed to manage, track, and document all aspects of each permit. Customers will have instant web access to their permits including the current status and all associated documents.

NJDOT Permits and Licenses Summary
General Information and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)/Drones : 609.963.2100

The Bureau of Aeronautics issues licenses to public use airports and restricted use facilities including airstrips, heliports, helistops, balloonspots ultralight recreational facilities and parachute drop zones. In addition, it issues permanent and temporary licenses for aeronautical activities. Here are the current types of licenses:

  • Air Safety & Zoning (Permit)
  • Aerial Exhibition (License)
  • Permanent Aeronautical Activity (License)
  • Temporary Aeronautical Activity (License)
  • Permanent Aeronautical Facility (License) (initially establishing the facility)
  • Temporary Aeronautical Facility (License)
  • Special Landing Strip (License)
The fees associated with these range from $10 - $35. For more information on specific licenses, or to get application forms (see below links).

Air Safety & Zoning (Permit) Web Site
Aerial Exhibition (License) Web Site
Perm \ Temp Aeronautical Activity (License) Web Site
Perm \ Temp Aeronautical Facility (License) Web Site
Special Landing Strip (License) Web Site
General Information Phone Number: 609.963.XXXX

NJDOT recognizes the importance of the environment. NJDOT has developed or adopted environmental policies ranging from soil and erosion control to highway noise management. Presented here are NJDOT policies and FHWA guidance concerning environmental issues.

Environmental Permits Web Site
General Information Phone Number: 609.963.xxxx
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The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) issues permits for the placement of outdoor advertising signs along all roads and highways in New Jersey. These signs do not include on-premise signs, official signs or for sale or rent signs. An outdoor advertising license is required if the sign is used to advertise something other than the business of the permit holder.

Outdoor Advertising (ePermits) Web Site
Outdoor Advertising (Paper Forms) Web Site
Junkyards Coming Soon
General Information    Phone No: 609.963.2085
email: Superload Permits eMail

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is now issuing permits on behalf of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) for all Oversize vehicles, Overweight vehicles, Code 23 registered trailers, and Annual Ocean Borne Container permits. This function has been transferred to NJDOT under the provisions of the newly adopted rules contained in N.J.A.C. 13:18, Subchapter 1: Permits for Over dimensional or Overweight Vehicles.
NJDOT has implemented a new online permitting system, called SUPERLOAD that will be accessible via the internet 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Oversize/Overweight Truck Permits Web Site
General Information Phone Number: 609.963.xxxx

The New Jersey Department of Transportation has developed these Guidelines and Procedures for Wireless Telecommunications Licenses to assist those involved in the Location, Planning, Design, Licensing and Construction of Wireless Telecommunications sites within the Right of Way of Interstate and NHS highways.

Wireless Communications Web Site

NJDOT ePermits

Outdoor Advertising


Oversize / Overweight Trucks


Miscellaneous Permits and Licenses Summary
Permit/License Web Site Contact
Bicycle Access to highways Web Site email: Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Coordinator
Entry to Railroad property Right of Way Phone No: 609.530.2187
Special use of NJDOT facilities Mobility and Systems Engineering
Web Site
Mobility Management North Phone: 201.797.7076 FAX: 201.797.8123
Mobility Management South: Phone: 856.486.6650 FAX: 856.486.6802

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