Department of Transportation


Statutory Authority
The State statutory authorities of the Department are:
  • New Jersey Statute Title 6: Aviation
  • New Jersey Statute Title 27: Highways
  • New Jersey Statute Title 39: Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations
The Federal statutory authorities of the Department are:
  • United States Code Title 23: Highways
  • United States Code Title 33: Navigation and Navigable Waters
  • United States Code Title 45: Railroads
  • United States Code Title 49: Transportation

New Jersey Statutes Annotated (N.J.S.A.) are found at

United States Code (U.S.C.) is found at

State Rules and Regulations

New Jersey state regulations, called "rules," implement the statutes that are the legal basis for operating state programs and services.

Rules related to the Department of Transportation are found in Title 16 of the New Jersey Administrative Code (Code). Rules governing overweight and over dimensional vehicles are found in Title 13, as are the rules that relate to the Motor Vehicle Commission. Rules related to NJ Transit are also found in Title 16.

The Code, an official publication of the State of New Jersey, compiles all effective rules adopted by state agencies and filed with the Office of Administrative Law.

The New Jersey Register is the official journal of State agency rulemaking. Published twice a month, the Register contains the full text of rules that State agencies propose and adopt, as well as notices of public hearings, Gubernatorial Orders, and other notices.

The New Jersey Office of Administrative Law and LexisNexis® provide free online public access to the New Jersey Register and the New Jersey Administrative Code. Searchable online versions of these publications may be found at and

New Jersey public, university and law libraries may also carry these publications. Contact the library directly for availability.

Federal Regulations

Title 23 of the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) contains federal rules that relate to highway safety. Title 49 contains federal rules that relate to commercial and non-commercial drivers and motor vehicles in addition to vehicle safety standards. Title 14 contains federal rules that relate to aeronautics. Title 33 contains federal rules that relate to drawbridges. Searches of C.F.R. can be done at

Department staff cannot perform legal research or provide legal advice or advisory opinions to members of the public.

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