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The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is committed to effectively and efficiently managing its transportation projects from Problem Screening Phase through Construction. The NJDOT continuously improves, updates, and streamlines project management procedures and processes to ensure the delivery of quality transportation projects.

The Capital Project Delivery (CPD) web site guidance establishes a consistent framework for the delivery of NJDOT capital projects. Since each capital project contains unique elements (location, geometry, scope, etc.) the CPD Project Customization Guideline (pdf 395k) provides information on how to customize this framework to use on individual projects, including Limited Scope Projects.

Please note that Transportation Systems Management (TSM) has developed a Project Delivery Process tailored to their specific needs using the Capital Program Management (CPM) CPD as the foundation but with some modifications. Therefore, designers of all TSM led projects must follow the TSM Limited Scope Project Delivery Process.

Following procedures and having access to supporting documents allows for improved communication between all stakeholders and ensures NJDOT's primary and secondary, internal and external agencies have the tools and information they need to guide them toward the right business outcome.

These agencies include:
  • Internal -- NJDOT Capital Program Management, Capital Investment, Planning and Grant Administration; and
  • External -- Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), nation-wide state departments of transportation, transportation organizations and the consultant community.
The key documents that will allow the agencies to identify the primary and secondary processes and procedures for each project are:
CPD Oversight

The FHWA and the NJDOT have executed a Stewardship and Oversight Agreement on Project Assumption and Program Oversight (pdf 805k) which sets forth the general framework for accomplishing the stewardship and oversight responsibilities of a Federal-aid Highway program.

Part of the stewardship effort includes FHWA project-level oversight. The FHWA utilizes the “Risk-based Project Involvement Identification process” (pdf 175k) to assist in the identification, determination and oversight of projects. A list of these projects with their corresponding oversight plans may be found on the Stewardship and Oversight Agreement process summary webpage.

The files are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (available at our Adobe Access Page).

For questions or comments contact the Program Management Office (PMO).

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