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Project Delivery Process
What is the status of the New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) new Capital Project Delivery Process?
What is the best way to keep up with the latest information regarding Capital Project Delivery processes and procedures?
A great way to keep updated and learn about the latest improvements is to check the What's New section of the web site. Every document on the web site indicates the date of the latest revision. In Addition, NJDOT also sends out announcements on major releases and updates.
What happened to the project pipelines that were on this web site?
The pipelines have been replaced by Network Diagrams that outline all of the major activities needed for project delivery. The Network Diagrams are associated with the work products to be delivered for capital projects and are customized (pdf 391k) for each specific project.
What is Project Customization and how is this done?
Project customization (pdf 391k) is the process of adapting the project delivery process, tools and deliverables based on the project's scope and complexity. This is done by adjusting the work efforts associated within specific activities necessary for project delivery. For example, certain work packages will not be needed for a particular project and do not need to be reflected in the scope.
I need a copy of the NJDOT Procedures Manual. Where can I find one?
NJDOT no longer uses the Procedures Manual. The majority of procedures in the Procedures Manual are available on this web site. Many of the procedures and documents can be printed, however, please be aware of the disclaimer in the footer of the document concerning use of current processes and procedures.
Where is the current Quality Checklist for Preliminary Design?
Quality Checklists have been replaced with detailed project specific scope statements which outline the work to be completed by the designer.
Where can I find the distribution list for the Final Design Submission (FDS)?
The Final Design Guideline provides specific guidance for submitting design packages and can be found in the Guidance section.
Quality Management Plans
What is a Quality Management Plan (QM Plan) and who is responsible for providing a Plan to the NJDOT?
A QM Plan is a document that describes standards, quality management practices, resources and processes and how an organization will implement a Quality Management Policy. Every capital project initiated by NJDOT will utilize a QM Plan to establish project specific QM requirements.
Is there a format or template to follow in order to prepare the QM Plan?
Yes, NJDOT's QM Plan Procedure (pdf 512k) is available in the Process Summaries section and provides direction for the completion of a QM Plan.
Are sub-consultants working under a prime consultant required to submit a QM Plan?
No, the prime consultant is responsible for submitting a QM Plan and for ensuring quality of all design work submitted.
Our firm does not perform design work for NJDOT. Are we still required to submit a QM Plan?
Yes, all prequalified consultants wishing to do business with NJDOT must prepare and submit for approval a QM Plan regardless of the type of services performed.
Our organization previously submitted a Quality Assurance Plan to NJDOT. Why do we need to resubmit a new QM Plan?
In August 2008, NJDOT activated the Capital Project Delivery Web site as part of the Phase 1 Process Improvement Program. As part of these process improvements, NJDOT requires all consultants wishing to do business with NJDOT to submit a QM Plan to the Program Management Office (PMO) for review and approval.
Is the QM Plan updated and resubmitted to NJDOT annually?
The QM Plan should only be resubmitted to NJDOT when your firm's Quality Management Policies are revised or if the firm is merged or acquired by another organization.
Is the QM Plan to be project-specific?
No, QM Plans are not project-specific, but should provide the firm's overall organizational approach to ensuring quality in their design work and work products.
I cannot locate the Designer Upload page on the Capital Project Delivery Web site in order to submit a QM Plan. How do I submit?
A link to the consultant upload page, as well as a User ID and password, will be provided upon request by contacting us.
I am interested in looking at other QM Plans that have been submitted. Are QM Plans available to review on the web site?
QM Plans are only available to NJDOT staff for review and approval.
The QM Plan Procedure uses the term "Project Manager" in many areas. Is this intended to be the NJDOT's or the Consultant's Project Manager?
The term "Project Manager" in the QM Plan Procedure (pdf 512k) refers to a NJDOT Project Manager.
Does "design review" referenced in the QM Plan Procedure entail review of agreement documentation and scope of work information between NJDOT and the consultant?
Design review refers to the consultant review of the design that is being produced for NJDOT.
Design Communication Reports
What is a Design Communications Report (DCR)?
A DCR is an interactive document that includes all the important and pertinent design decisions, agreements, concerns and the resolution of design issues or problems made during the design and construction of a NJDOT project.
How does the DCR relate to Interactive Communications Procedure?
The Interactive Communications Procedure (pdf 349k) was established under the general heading of Quality Management and is critical to controlling the scope, schedule, budget and quality of a project. This Procedure was developed to enhance communications and document decisions as they occur on a project. The Design Communications Report is a mandatory report to be completed by all Designers and is approved by the NJDOT Project Manager.
Is there a standard format or template to follow in order to prepare a DCR and how do you submit it?
Yes, pertinent forms and templates (doc 124k) are available on the Capital Project Delivery Web site as well as in the Interactive Communications Procedure (pdf 349k). DCRs are uploaded electronically to the consultant upload page, using a User ID and password which is provided upon request by contacting us.
Is there a way to view a DCR for a project once it is submitted?
No. Once approved DCRs are uploaded to the web site, they are only available to NJDOT staff.
I cannot upload a DCR for a project because it is not listed on the web site. Where does the list of projects come from?
The database containing all active projects is maintained by NJDOT and is based on the Division of Project Management's approval to initiate a new project. Please contact us if a project or other information is missing from the DCR upload page.

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