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Transportation Operations Systems and Support (TOS&S)
Christopher Feinthel, Assistant Commissioner
Operations is responsible for overseeing 13,295 lane miles of state highways. Regional Operations Divisions are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all roadway and bridge assets; the maintenance and repair of traffic signals and electrical applications; the service and repair of regional fleet and heavy equipment, as well as the repair of facilities and storage buildings. Regional Operations provides Maintenance and Equipment Operations (per Region), Electrical Operations and Permits. The Division of Operations Support provides Equipment Engineering and Operations; handles statewide fleet management, prepares equipment specifications, bid analysis and contract administration. The Bridge Maintenance Engineering Unit is responsible for 17 statewide drawbridge operations, and the Bureau of Maintenance Engineering and Operations is responsible for engineering expertise for various bridge repair and roadway maintenance contracts. Operations supports Winter Operations staff and coordinates, leads, guides and analyzes best practices for winter maintenance. Drainage Engineering prepares and administers drainage contracts, explores existing drainage to planned capacities, repairs/installs piping systems, inventories and maintains condition reports of all underground infrastructure. The Office of Emergency Management and Transportation Security is responsible for the mitigation, response and recovery from natural and man-made emergencies, as well as ensures that all required employees receive the necessary training to prepare them for potential disasters.
#Major Tasks
Regional Operations is responsible for general roadway maintenance, pothole repair, crack sealing, litter removal, grass mowing, as well as snow and ice control.

Specialty crews are responsible for maintenance of all regulatory traffic signs, landscape maintenance, bridge maintenance and catch basin repairs.

Regional Operations is responsible for the oversight of all work within the State's right of way that is not sponsored by the Department or Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Regional Operations is responsible for the Permit process.

Regional Engineering staff is responsible for contract administration and inspection for various regional contracts.

Regional Equipment Service Centers maintain all vehicles and heavy equipment assigned to Regional Operations.

Regional Electrical Operations' responsibilities include maintenance, repair of traffic signals, highway lighting, illuminate signs, traffic counting stations and moveable bridges.
Movable Bridges
Gerald Oliveto - 609.963.1524

Operations Systems
John H Williams - 609.963.2249

Operations Training
Frank Deuel - 732.496.9587
Melissa Boyer - 609.817.9453

Regional Electrical
Dan Black - 609.963.1483

Regional Permits
Aarti Gupta - 609.963.1515

Regional Roadway Operations North
Christopher Tomlin - 973.810.9091

Regional Roadway Operations South
John Bystrycki - 856.414.8400

Regional Roadway Operations Central
Anthony Ennas - 609.963.1284

Regional Equipment
Anthony D’Errico - 609.963.1624

Regional Drainage Operations
Frank Schneider - 609.963.1510

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