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Finance and Administration
Lewis Daidone, Chief Financial Officer
Anthony Genovese, Director - 609.963.2331
The Division of Procurement is responsible for purchases for the Department, bidding and awarding of construction projects and selection of consultants for projects.
•Construction Services
Keith Daniels - 609.963.2325
#Major Tasks
Reviews and approves prequalification of highway construction contractors..

Advertises highway construction projects.

Receives and certifies highway construction project bids.

Awards and executes highway construction contracts.

Monitors highway construction contractors' past performance and evaluations.

•Professional Services
Karen Abbott - 609.963.2324
#Major Tasks
Reviews and approves prequalification of consultants.

Solicits Technical Proposals and provides a 6 month look ahead for anticipated solicitations.

Responsible for Consultant Selection Committee activities and notifying industry of consultant selections.

Processes consultant ratings and maintains the Consultant Evaluation System Report.

Reviews and approves Cost Basis Approval applications

Processes Corporate Reorganizations.

•Equipment, Materials and Supplies
David Kern- 609.963.2317
#Major Tasks
Purchase goods and services.

Use State Contracts for major purchases and Direct Purchasing Authority (DPA) for small dollar purchases.

Utilize both traditional purchase orders and P-Cards (Credit Cards).

Help develop and transmit specifications to Treasury Purchase Bureau for bidding (the State does not prequalify vendors when purchasing goods and services).

Maintain the FileNet tracking system Automated Procurement Requisition and Workflow System (APRWS).
Specific unit guidance:
Procurement Web site
Information Technology
Gary Zayas, Director - 609.963.2427
The Department will support the New Jersey Governor's and Commissioner's Vision in the following manner: The evolving Information Technology (IT) environment will consist of the standard hardware and software currently supported by the Division of IT, in addition to many other tools which will further provide the effective delivery of integrated data exchange, and easy access to the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) customers, and all other customers we serve. Client tools, such as graphical report writers and query tools; middleware which offers access to mainframe data; web enabled technology and an open network architecture will all be vital components of the client/server environment. Management Systems will be implemented that provide enhanced data collection, as well as improved cost management dissemination capabilities. Wherever possible, the NJDOT will take advantage of participating in Enterprise initiatives.
#Major Tasks
The Bureau of Information Technology (IT) Customer Service is the first point of contact for all Personal Computers (PC) end users Phone and on-site assistance to end users is available through the Help Desk service which addresses all daily PC user problems including software, PC hardware and peripheral equipment (printers, scanners, monitors etc.) logon identifications (IDs) for DOTNET, Financial Management Information System (FMIS), New Jersey Comprehensive Financial System (NJCFS) and Management Acquisition Control System Enhanced (MACSE) and password problems.

The Bureau of Information Management and Technology Planning is responsible for planning and coordinating the development of Department data resources in a manner that avoids duplication and promotes easy and open access to data throughout the Department. Included in this unit is support for the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) referenced data and access to data throughout the Department.

The Bureau of Applications Development and Systems Support is comprised of the Client Applications Unit. One role of this unit is delivering custom applications to any client within the Department. The custom applications are written to automate a particular process that is specific to that client. The custom application may simply perform a series of calculations on data that is input by the client, or it might involve a database to store information used by the client. That data will possibly be stored in such a manner that the entire Department has access to it. The Web Development Unit is responsible for the design, creation and enhancement of the Department's public internet and employee intranet web sites. This unit works in concert with the Office of Communications who is responsible for the look, feel and content of the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) web site.

Specific unit guidance:
Information Technology Website

•Information Technology Security and Services
Steven Prichard - 609.963.2491
Specific unit guidance:
Information Security & Services (HelpDesk)

•Applications Development and Systems Support

Joseph Licari Jr - 609.963.2434
Specific unit guidance:
Applications Development and System Support

•Information Management and Technology Planning
Timothy Stewart, Manager - 609.963.2457

Specific unit guidance:
Geographic Information Systems Web site
Information Management and Technology Planning Website

Capital Investment and Program Coordination
Eric Powers, Director - 609.963.2031
The Division of Capital Investment, Planning and Development prepares the Capital Program, Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and Statewide Capital Investment Strategy. It also processes Federal authorizations and New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund obligations.
#Major Tasks
Prepare the Capital Program and Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.

Manage Capital Program funds.

Responsible for the Statewide Capital Investment Strategy.

Program Coordination
Suzanne Tomlinson - 609.963.2026
Area SME Phone
State Funding Ashok Rana 609.963.2035
Federal Funding Suzanne Tomlinson 609.963.2026

Capital Program Development
Amy Polachak - 609.963.2036

Specific unit guidance:
Capital Program Systems Web site

Accounting and External Audit
Barbara DeLucia, Director - 609.963.2343
The Division of Accounting and External Audit provides general oversight of the Division and direct financial services.
#Major Tasks
Perform financial reporting to conform to statutory requirements of the Transportation Trust Fund and the New Jersey Department of Treasury.

Set up special bank accounts.

Oversee the Department's petty cash.

Acts as a liaison between the New Jersey Department of Treasury and Department for Travel Authorization Requests (PB-141). Reconcile Travel Expense Vouchers related to Authorizations.

Support Financial Management Information System (FMIS) including approving Department employee request access.

Act as a liaison between Department employees, Information Technology and the New Jersey Department of Treasury regarding access to New Jersey Comprehensive Financial System (NJCFS) and Management Acquisition Control System Enhanced (MACSE).

For assistance related to the status of Payment Vouchers and general accounting questions, contact

Agreement Accounting
Deepa Naik, Manager - 609.963.2373
The Bureau of Agreement Accounting is responsible for the revenue functions of the Department. The two responsible units within this Bureau are Revenue Accounting and Capital Accounting.
#Major Tasks
Revenue Accounting:
Responsible for Federal Highway mandated financial management activities including billings.

Responsible for Federal Grant administration, billing and financial reporting.

Responsible for financial administration of non-state funding agreements.

Record cash receipts.

Manage Accounts Receivable.

Capital Accounting:
Certify funds related to the Capital Construction program.

Manage intergovernmental payments between the Department and other State agencies.

Responsible for appropriations accounting including transfer and encumbrances.

Track multi-year funded projects.

Responsible for Federal Agreement closings and suspense analysis.
•Capital Accounting – Certification of Funds, Adjustments & Job Numbers
Katelynn Barnett - 609.963.2342 
•Capital Accounting - Federal Agreement Closings and Suspense Analysis
Kristen Miller - 609.963.2346
•Capital Accounting - Adjustments
Andrew Glodowski - 609.963.2356
•Capital Accounting - Monitoring Inactive TTFA
Andrew Miller - 609.963.2371
•Revenue Accounting - Cost Sharing, Debt Collection, DPMC/DBC, Treasury Updates & F1 Oversight
Andrew Miller - -609.963.2371

•Revenue Accounting - Grants, Agreement Monitoring & Revenue Receipts
Andrew Glodowski - 609.963.2356

•Contract Administration, IGPVs & Electronic Processes
Jessica Donoher - 609.963.2366

To submit a request to change the status of a job number contact, or a federal agreement, contact
Questions on the status of an action
1. Please utilize the COF Manager Search application located on the NJDOT Intranet under Client Applications. Detailed instructions are attached.
2. If you cannot locate your action in the COF Manager, email -
3. Guidance on the status of a job number and guidance on changing the status and closing a job number linked to a federal agreement

Request to change the status of a job number and closing down a job number linked to a federal project – Announcement dated 10-5-2020

Important Information regarding the status of a job number – Announcement dated 2-28-2020

Accounting Operations
Tesha Goodson, Manager - 609.963.2390
The Bureau of Accounting Operations is responsible for the payment function of the Department. This Bureau contains two major units: Accounts Payable and Operations Support.
#Major Tasks
Accounts Payable:
Responsible for payments related to Consultant, Construction and Right of Way contracts, including maintenance of contract agreement files.

Responsible for payments related to Agency and New Jersey Department of Treasury Purchase Order Contracts and final approval of Travel Expenses (AR-54-2).

Accounts Payable - Capital and Operating Payments:
Verifies, reviews and approves for payment all invoices submitted to the New Jersey Department of Transportation. Performs compliance reviews to determine the propriety of the financial transactions consistent with the agreement and contract terms.

Operations Support:
Maintain Accounting file room.

Distribute Accounting mail.

Responsible for FileNet scanning of contract related documents including Payment Vouchers.

Responsible for Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests.

P-Card and Travel Card reconciliation.

Travel Authorization (PB-141) and Travel expense (AR-54-2) final approval.

Employee reimbursement for tuition.

Construction/Contract Administration:
Responsible for the administration and processing of construction contract estimates. Procedurlizing contract administration functions as related to Accounting Operations. Analyzing construction contracts for partial and finals. Handle duties related to FHWA improper payment reviews.

•Construction/Contract Administration
Ifeoma Okeke - 609.963.2374

•Capital and Operating Payments
Victoria McManimon - 609.963.2370
Laju Shah - 609.963.2377
Lorraine Rezner - 609.963.2348

Teresa Armstrong - 609.963.2340

To submit DL72 documents, contact

To submit receiving reports, contact

Submit settle ups related to Conferences/Conventions (PB-141 process):

For Construction inquiries, contact

Questions on the status of an invoice
1. Please utilize the Accounts Payable (Invoice) On Line Web Center located on the NJDOT Intranet under Client Applications. Detailed instructions are attached.
2. If you cannot locate your invoice in the Accounts Payable (Invoice) On Line Web Center, e-mail
3.To drop off Incoming Invoices and Travel Packages: Exit the elevator to the left. Enter door #3400. Baskets are immediately to the left up against the wall. Please note that invoices and travel packages can be mailed interoffice to: Accounting Operations, F&A 3rd floor.
External Audit
Richard Temmer, Manager - 609.963.2381
The Bureau of Audit is responsible for performing external audits and compliance reviews.
#Major Tasks

Request for Proposal (RFP) Monitoring/Overhead Data Analysis:

Implement contracts, oversee and evaluate professional services agreements with Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) for utility, railroad and Emerging Small Business Enterprises (ESBE) audits.

Direct Cost Compliance/Local Pre-Approvals and Overhead Compliance:
Verify accurate direct costs and overhead rates for consultants.

Responsible for pre-approval of local entity's billings for in-house direct labor and fringe.

Quality Assurance Reviews/Single Audit Compliance:

Responsible for Single Audit Compliance Reviews of A-133.

Perform quality assurance reviews of consultant hired CPA firms.

•Overhead Compliance
Marie Samson - 609.963.2376
•FIRE List/Federal Inactives
Sh-Keer Milbourne - 609.963.2508

•Request for Proposals (RFP) Monitoring/Railroads & Utilities Compliance
Derek Bongiovanni - 609.963.2357

•Direct Cost Compliance/Settle-Up Reviews
Wade Caulton - 609.963.2345

•Quality Assurance Reviews/On-Site Direct Cost Reviews
Derek Bongiovanni - 609.963.2357

•Single Audit Compliance
Dennis Show - 609.963.2379

For assistance with consultant community submissions for direct cost and overhead packages, contact

Specific unit guidance:
External Audit Web site

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