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Deputy Commissioner
Joseph D. Bertoni, Deputy Commissioner
Civil Rights and Affirmative Action
Vicki Tilghman-Ansley, Director - 609.963.2047
The Division of Civil Rights and Affirmative Action oversees the following programs/units: Title VI/Nondiscrimination (including Environmental Justice, Americans with Disabilities Act and Limited English Proficiency); Contractor Compliance (including Wage Rate Compliance); Disadvantaged and Small Business Programs; and Internal Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action.

Contractor Compliance/Wage Rate Compliance
Vacant - 609.963.2047
Cheryl Taliaferro, Supervisor - 609.963.2055
The Office of Contractor Compliance ensures that New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) contractors actively comply with the Federal and State Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action provisions on all NJDOT contracts, including Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Emerging Small Business and Small Business Enterprise participation and training contract provisions. This office also works to ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of NJDOT's procurement opportunities.
#Major Tasks
Determine Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Emerging Small Business Enterprise/Small Business Enterprise (DBE/ESBE/SBE) goals for individual Federal and State construction contracts.

Monitor Contractors' DBE/ESBE/SBE utilization by project.

Determine and monitor contractors' Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) activities, training programs and trainees.

Ensure the NJDOT Resident Engineers monitor contractors.

Conduct Contractor Compliance Reviews.

Investigate complaints of discrimination and prompt payment.

Manage On-the-Job Training/Supportive Services and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs.
Area SME Phone
Contractor Compliance Cheryl Taliaferro – Local Aid District 1 Projects
Thomas Jones – North Region & Local Aid District 2 Projects
Brandon Rice- Central Region & Statewide
Projects & Local Aid District 3 Projects
Brandon Rice– South Region & Local Aid District 4 Projects

Specific unit guidance:
Contract Compliance
Federal Highway Administration, Contractor Compliance
Advisory Notice to Bidders

Wage Rate Compliance
The Wage Rate Unit monitors and provides guidance on contractors' certified payrolls to ensure compliance with state and federal labor standards.
#Major Tasks
Provides oversight on review of contractor certified payrolls on DOT construction projects.

Ensures that labor ratios (apprentices - journeymen; foreman requirements) are within established limits.

Provides pertinent wage data and information to Federal Highway Authority, New Jersey and US Departments of Labor, and other regulatory bodies as appropriate.

Assists internal and external stakeholders with adherence to relevant labor regulations.
Area SME Phone
Wage Rate Compliance Anthony Velez (609) 963-2554

Specific unit guidance:
Wage Rate
New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Prevailing Wage Rate Determinations

Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprise Programs
Raymond Reilly – Supervisor - 609.963.2050
The Office of Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprise Programs administers the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) regulations (49 CFR Part 26) and serves the small, minority and disadvantaged firms seeking to do business with the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT). This office provides the primary vehicle to ensure that disadvantaged and small businesses have the maximum opportunity to compete for NJDOT contracts.
#Major Tasks
Establish and monitor the Federal annual, overall Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal.

Implement the State's Small Business Enterprise (SBE) goal.

Certify disadvantaged and emerging small businesses.

Maintain a directory of small, minority and women-owned businesses.

Implement and monitor Race Neutral activities.

Maintain statistical data on DBE/SBE/Emerging Small Business Enterprise (ESBE) participation on Federal and state funding contracts.

Participate as lead in New Jersey Unified Certification Program (NJUCP).

Conduct DBE outreach and recruitment

Manage DBE Supportive Services Program.
Area SME Phone
Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprise Programs Armento Kirkland

Specific unit guidance:
Federal Highway Administration, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program
Federal Highway Administration, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Supportive Services Program

Title VI/Nondiscrimination, ADA, EJ, LEP
Chrystal Section, Supervisor 609.963.2046
The Title VI/Nondiscrimination Unit oversees and ensures that all programs and activities of the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) comply with the Federal Law, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Nondiscrimination Executive Orders (E.O.) 12898 (Environmental Justice) and 13166 (Limited English Proficiency) were established to place emphasis on Title VI protections of race and national origin discrimination. More specifically, E.O. 12898 directs Federal funding recipients to address unreasonably high and adverse health or environmental effects of its programs on minority and low-income populations, and ensures that these communities receive the same level of service and consideration as those more affluent communities. E.O. 13166 establishes guidelines on how Federal-aid recipients can ensure meaningful access to its programs, services and information by its Limited English Proficiency (LEP) applicants and beneficiaries.
#Major Tasks
Coordinate Title VI/Nondiscrimination Task Force.

Investigate Title VI/Nondiscrimination complaints.

Perform comprehensive reviews of special emphasis program areas.

Train Title VI/Nondiscrimination liaisons and sub-recipients.

Prepare and implement annual Title VI/Nondiscrimination Report

Ensure Limited English Proficiency persons have equal access to New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) programs and services.

Establish and maintain a public involvement process on transportation projects.
Area SME Phone
Title VI Nondiscrimination, Americans with Disabilities Act,Environmental Justice, and Limited English Proficiency Chrystal Section
Randyn Love

Specific unit guidance:
Title VI
Limited English Proficiency
Environmental Justice
Federal Highway Administration, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and additional Nondiscrimination Requirements

Americans with Disabilities/Section 504 Web site
Federal Highway Administration, Accessibility Resource Library

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