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Capital Program Management Limited Scope Project Delivery Process Approach

In order to effectively administer the planning and design of transportation-related problems with a limited scope, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) has developed a Limited Scope Project Delivery Approach.

The Limited Scope project types are:

  • Pavement resurfacing (mill 'x', pave 'x' plus one)
  • Bridge deck/superstructure replacement
  • Drainage improvements
  • Simple culvert structural repair
  • Median crossover improvement
  • Sign structure installation
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) installation
  • Simple intersection improvement (no reduction in lane or shoulder width, minimal utility/right of way involvement)
  • Thin Surface Treatment
  • Concrete Pavement Repair
  • High Friction Surface Treatment
  • Rockfall Mitigation
  • Guiderail Replacement
  • Horizontal Curve Sign

Additional information regarding the project types can be found in the Limited Scope Project Delivery Guideline (pdf 838k).

The main difference between the Limited Scope Project Delivery Approach and the standard Capital Project Delivery (CPD) process is that the Limited Scope Project Delivery Approach does not have a formal Preliminary Engineering (PE) Phase. The applicable CPD process PE activities and corresponding Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) deliverables have been distributed to the Limited Scope Concept Development (CD) and Limited Scope Final Design (FD) Phases. The two key former Limited Scope PE deliverables were distributed as follows: Approved Environmental Document is in the Limited Scope CD Phase and approved Design Exception Report (if needed) is in the Limited Scope FD Phase.

Eliminating the formal PE Phase for this approach is possible because the project scope should not change once the Preliminary Preferred Alternative (PPA) is selected at the end of the Limited Scope CD Phase. By eliminating the formal Limited Scope PE Phase, the Department can realize significant administrative costs and time savings.


The objective of the Limited Scope Project Delivery Approach is to address deficiencies in order to extend the functional and structural life of the Department's assets.

Some of the files below are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free from the state Adobe Access page, to view the files.

Guidance Documents

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