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Transportation Mobility
Salvatore Cowan, Senior Director
Transportation Mobility’s mission is to “improve lives by improving mobility”. To achieve and sustain that mission, our unit utilizes various intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and TSMO (transportation systems management and operations) strategies day to day.

The Division works to ensure the safe and efficient movement of people and goods through New Jersey by
  • researching new and innovative technologies
  • designing, constructing, and maintaining our systems in a state of good repair
  • operating those systems and in a regional, multi-agency fashion
  • planning for, and responding to, any and all hazards that occur on our road network
  • providing real time information to both our partners and the public
Area SME Phone
511 Salvatore Cowan 609.963.1381

Mobility Operations
The Division of Mobility Operations is responsible for carrying out the following programs: Statewide Safety Service Patrol (SSP); the Mobility Operations Centers located in Woodbridge (STMC - 24/7 operation) and Cherry Hill (16/5 operation); the 24/7 Central Dispatch Unit; and the Statewide Incident Management Program in partnership with the New Jersey State Police (NJSP).
#Major Tasks
On a 24/7 basis, direct and oversee the Mobility Operations Centers (MOCs) which are responsible for managing the flow of traffic on the highway system and to coordinate incident management response. Work in close cooperation with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) and the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) to jointly oversee and manage a 24/7 statewide traffic management center.

Coordinate Incident Management Response Teams (IMRT) for Mobility Operations North and South, in cooperation with the NJSP's Statewide Incident Management Team.

Ensure the safe and efficient movement of traffic through the use of statewide Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) equipment.

Provide a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week point of contact for the public and police to report emergencies or complaints and assign a New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) response.

Oversee the distribution of real time traffic information to the public.

Approve/disapprove requests to close all or any portion of the highway system.

Provide responsive and sensitive contact information with other government agencies, local officials, various interest groups and private citizens concerning highway problems and priorities.
Area SME Phone
Central Dispatch Unit (CDU) Raymond Young 609.588.6214
Incident Management Unit
(New Jersey State Police)
Lieutenant Scott Leuck 609.963.1903
Mobility Operations North Michael Juliano 732.697.7460
Mobility Operations South Wayne Patterson 856.414.6511
Safety Service Patrol North John Ruffino & Michael Behul 973.631.6573
Safety Service Patrol South Mike Metcalf 856.795.4747
Statewide Incident Management Program Robert Burd 609.963.1468

Mobility Engineering
Salvatore Cowan - 609.963.1381
The Division of Mobility Engineering (formerly the Bureau of Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering) is responsible for the Planning, Design, Construction, Inspection, and Maintenance of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) equipment and devices. This includes traditional ITS devices such as closed circuit television cameras (CCTV), Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) and to Connected Vehicle technology (CV). The unit is also responsible for developing RFI’s and RFP’s related to ITS and CV technology as well as Consultant selection for ITS contracts and agreements. Mobility Engineering is also the SME for reviewing constructability for capital and maintenance projects, traffic mitigation activities and work zone safety.
#Major Tasks
Provide design services for stand-alone CAV and ITS projects, or installation of CAV and ITS components within other projects. Develop design budgets and schedules and prepare construction contract documents, including plans, specifications, estimates and schedules as required for these projects.

Design, deploy and maintain any system(s) necessary for the control and use of Dynamic Messaging Signs (DMS), closed circuit television surveillance (CCTV), connected vehicle road-side units (RSUs), connected vehicle on-board units (OBUs), servers, equipment hubs, and the fiber communications network, ensuring that all equipment designs meet Department standards, are compatible with other systems in the State, and support the NJDOT ITS Investment Strategy and New Jersey Statewide ITS Architecture.

Review CAV and ITS designs and documents developed by private consultants, including projects managed by Capital Program Management (CPM) and provide technical support to Resident Engineers during construction of CAV and ITS work items, including change of plans, material approvals and lane closure hours or stage changes.

Coordinate with and provide support to other agencies and Departmental units involved in CAV and ITS initiatives and coordinate procurement of compatible and interoperable ITS equipment statewide, developing and maintain databases of CAV and ITS facilities, including the ITS fiber network.

Review and approve all planned lane closure requests associated with statewide construction and maintenance projects so that traffic delays are kept to a minimum. In addition, provide delay information to determine the constructability of any given project and utilize probe data from companies such as INRIX to analyze traffic impacts.

Area SME Phone
Mobility Systems Design and Construction Bindesh Patel 609.963.1306
Mobility Systems Maintenance (Mobility Engineering Statewide) Jonathan Martinez 609.963.1193
Work Zone Mobility and Lane Closure Information (Mobility Engineering Statewide) Jagdish Rana 609.963.1190

Specific unit guidance:
Motorist Assistance Web site
Intelligent Transportation Systems, Mobility Engineering Web site

Mobility Planning and Research
Mobility Planning and Research investigates new and innovative technologies through the Departments ITS Resource Center program and supports multi-agency coordination through the Department’s participation in various programs including TRANSCOM, The Eastern Transportation Coalition, and the State’s Transportation Innovation Council (STIC).
#Major Tasks
Oversee and coordinate the Department’s multi-year ITS Resource Center program, supporting the research into new and innovative technical and operational TSMO strategies, facilitate the training of staff on current products and programs, and determine feasibility of state and federal grant applications to further mobility in NJ.

Develop and maintain Transportation Mobility’s various Strategic Plans including the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Investment Strategic Plan, The NJDOT Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Strategic Plan, the NJ Statewide Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Strategic Plan, and the NJ ITS Architecture program.

Through TRANSCOM, coordinate NJ’s “511 Suite of Services” products including the 511 public web site (include as a hyperlink), the 511 toll-free telephone system, and multiple 511 Voice Assistant platforms (Alexa, Google, Siri).

Through The Eastern Transportation Coalition, coordinate the procurement and contractual efforts to for various datasets and products (RITIS, Inrix, 511NJ Connect, Drivewyze, etc)

Act as the TOS&S liaison to the NJ State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC), investigating federal grant opportunities for pilot and deployment in NJ.
Area SME Phone
511, Inrix and RITIS Platforms, TRANSCOM, The Eastern Transportation Coalition (TETC) Vandana Mathur 609.963.1190

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