Department of Transportation

Performance Evaluation

New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Project Managers monitor and measure consultant performance using the Consultant Evaluation System Manual. In order to effectively monitor consultant performance, a Project Manager should coordinate with the consultant, at a minimum, on a quarterly basis, with at least two visits at the consultant's office. If circumstances dictate, visits should be made as frequently as needed to to address deficiencies (e.g. poor quality, unnecessary time delays).

Active Consultant contracts are evaluated on a six-month cycle. Project Management Design Consultants are evaluated in three major categories during Design and Construction Phases of work: Schedule, Quality, and Project Management.

Each category is assigned a scoring weight relative to its importance to the phase of work being performed. The weight is multiplied by the score for that category.

Ratings are generated for each Consultant based on the firm's ratings in the system as follows:

  • Final Project Rating - a rating for each project;
  • Discipline Average - an average rating of all projects within a discipline; and
  • Consultant Overall Average - an overall average rating of all projects currently in the system.

NOTE: There are no Swim Lane Flow Charts, Procedures, or Responsibilities Matrix for Performance Evaluation. As the process is owned by Procurement - Professional Services, there is a very brief summary and a link to the Procurement page.


Last updated date: November 26, 2019 1:17 PM