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Outstanding Payment Voucher

For assistance with an outstanding Payment Voucher, vendors must fill out the Outstanding Payment Voucher form below. Providing the account statements will not initiate the inquiry process.

Payment Voucher status requests will be performed on any outstanding Payment Vouchers/Invoices that are currently past New Jersey’s deadline for eligible statutory Prompt Payment Interest (PPI). Under the terms and conditions of the Purchase Order (4.6), state agencies are required to pay for goods and services within sixty (60) days of the agency’s receipt of a properly executed Payment Voucher or within sixty (60) days of receipt of acceptance of goods and services, whichever is later.

Please verify that your invoice date is at least 60 days past due. If not, your status request will not be processed.

Important information for filling out the Outstanding Payment Voucher form:

  • If you do not have a purchase order number, you must contact the buyer or the receiver of the goods. Your request will not be processed without this information.
  • An example of a purchase order number is 7222251 (a seven digit number without a dash "-").
  • Do not place a reference number in the purchase order number box. An example of a reference number is 10-96839.
  • Submit one form for each invoice.

Please allow five business days for a response after submitting this form.

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Last updated date: March 29, 2021 2:55 PM