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Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions are divided into three categories to help you find the answers you need online:

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Consultant/Goods and Services:
How do I change my company name?
Complete a State of New Jersey W-9 Questionnaire form (pdf 580k) and return the completed form to:
Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Vendor Control
PO Box 221
Trenton, NJ 08625
or Fax: 609.984.5210
Complete a Corporate Reorganization form and follow up with Professional Services.
How do I change my company address?
Provide the following information on the company's letterhead:
  • Old address
  • New address
  • Vendor identification (ID) number
  • Original signature
Send the letterhead with the information to:
OMB Vendor Control
PO Box 221
Trenton, NJ 08625
or Fax: 609.984.5210
If there is a company merger what notification is required for the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)?
If the Vendor ID number doesn’t match the contract because of consolidation/reorganization where do I direct the vendor?
How can I receive payments electronically?
Register for the receipt of electronic payments by completing the Electronic Payment Authorization (Vendors) for Automatic Deposits form on the New Jersey Department of Treasury Web site.
I have outstanding invoices, where can I get help?
First, check the New Jersey Department of Treasury's Vendor Payment Inquiry Web site to confirm the check has not been issued. If the payment voucher is outstanding, submit the Outstanding Payment Voucher form and allow five business days for a response.
How can I obtain a Vendor ID number?
Complete a New Jersey Department of Treasury W-9 Questionnaire form (pdf 580k). Submit the completed form to:

OMB Vendor Control
PO Box 221
Trenton, NJ 08625
or Fax: 609.984.5210
How do I know my payment terms and conditions?
Terms and conditions are stated within the purchase order or the Contract Agreement.
What are the Prompt Payment Interest laws?
Effective September 1, 2006, New Jersey enacted a Prompt Payment Law (N.J.S.A. 2A:30A-1 and 2) that requires prompt payment by public and private owners to contractors and by contractors to subcontractors and material suppliers. After 30 days, the delinquent party will be liable for interest at a rate equal to prime plus one percent on Agreements written after the effective date. All other invoices require a 60-day prompt payment as noted in the New Jersey Prompt Payment Act N.J.S.A. 52:32-32 et seq.
I received a check from the State of New Jersey but I am not sure which company invoice number to apply the check?
Request access to the New Jersey Department of Treasury's Vendor Payment Inquiry Web site to get information related to payments.
Where can I verify a listing of payments to see if a payment has been made and the check number?
Request access to the New Jersey Department of Treasury's Vendor Payment Inquiry Web site to get information related to payments.
I have been approved to contract with NJDOT. What do I need to do?
  • Register online with NJSTART:
  • Complete and sign a Payment Voucher PV(C).
  • Attach supporting documentation.
  • Submit to the Contract Manager.
Where can I find a new Payment Voucher PV(C) form?
The new Payment Voucher PV(C) (rtf 293k) is available for download.
What is the effective date for using the new Payment Voucher PV(C) and when should it be used?
The effective date for using the new Payment Voucher PV(C) was July 1, 2008. The Payment Voucher PV(C) should be used for consultant, construction and Right of Way invoices regardless of the billing terms (Cost Plus Fixed Fee or Fixed Price).
What is a Contract Manager?
The level of the chain of command within the NJDOT that is responsible for managing, directing or coordinating the necessary consultant service. This person may also be known as the Project Manager. A Contract Manager is responsible for reviewing consultant invoices to ensure that all required documentation has been provided and either approving the invoice for payment or declaring it deficient and returning it to the consultant or requesting additional information.
How do I determine who my Contract Manager is?
Within your executed Agreement, there is a contact name and phone number.
Who can I contact when I need a contract modification or to invoice in excess of the ceilings set in my Agreement?
Please contact the NJDOT Contract/Project Manager noted within the Agreement.
Does a consultant need to sign the Payment Voucher PV(C) in blue ink?
Either blue or black ink is acceptable. As a reminder, two original Payment Vouchers PV(C) with an original signature must be submitted.
What type of information should be included in the Contract Description area on the Payment Voucher PV(C)?
Include cost incurred dates and description of work performed, task order number or extra work modification number and the UPC Code if available.
How many original invoices and Payment Vouchers PV(C) does a consultant need to submit for payment?
Article 24 requires that two original Payment Vouchers and two original invoices must be submitted along with supporting documentation, one for the Contract Manager and one for Accounting Operations. Accounting Operations cannot make payment without originals.
What type of supporting documentation needs to be attached to the consultant’s Payment Voucher PV(C)?
Each invoice must show the summary of costs incurred by period for both the prime and subconsultants indicating the Contract Ceiling Amounts by basic and extra work. Cost Plus Fixed Fee contracts must show that breakout by Payroll, Overhead, Fixed Fee and Direct Expenses. A summary for Fixed Price contracts would use only one line. The summary should also include Actual Costs Incurred, Total Billed To Date, Previous Billed Amount and Billed This Period.

Behind the summary of costs incurred, a breakout of costs by basic and extra work modifications for the prime and subconsultant must also be submitted using the same columns as the summary. The supporting documentation for subconsultants must be the same as provided by the prime. If your subconsultant is submitting a bill for multiple periods, than a summary for all periods must be provided.
Is there any other documentation or forms that need to be submitted along with my Payment Voucher PV(C)?
If your contract specifically details additional documentation should be submitted other than what is required by Article 24, then it must be provided at the time of submission of your Payment Voucher PV(C).
Is the consultant required to complete the Expense Distribution Form (AC-1641) or the Contract Manager Checklist?
No. The Expense Distribution (AC-1641) form is an internal document that authorizes payment within NJDOT's Financial Management Information System (FMIS) and provides job coding for the cost incurred. Both documents are internal Department documents and must be completed by the Contract Manager.
What does the Actual Costs Incurred amount represent on the supporting Summary of Costs Incurred schedule?
Your actual costs incurred may not be the same dollar amounts as the amounts billed to date for various reasons. An example might be that you have actual costs incurred that exceed your contract ceiling. If the ceiling is subsequently increased, you have already demonstrated that you incurred these costs.
What does a consultant need to provide as detail for payroll and direct non-salary expenses incurred?
Payroll should show a summary by employee name, the hourly rate and the hours worked.

The direct non-salary expense should show a summary by type of expense incurred, along with the dollar amount.

It is important to remember that all original documentation, (time sheets, receipts for non-salary direct expenses, etc.) must be retained by the firm until final audit is complete.
Can I use one Payment Voucher PV(C) to bill for multiple contracts?
No. A separate Payment Voucher PV(C) and invoice must be submitted for each Agreement. However, each invoice can contain billings for the basic and extra work modifications related to that Agreement.
How often can a consultant bill the NJDOT?
Billing should occur on a monthly basis only. However, if you are submitting an invoice that was previously rejected, it can be resubmitted in the same month. The consultant must indicate that the billing is a resubmission based on a rejected invoice.
When does Prompt Payment begin for consultant related payments?
Prompt payment (30-day pay) applies to executed construction, consultant and Right of Way contracts as of September 1, 2006. Contracts prior to September 1, 2006 remain a 60-day pay. Prompt Payment does not start until the Department receives a fully executed invoice.
Why would NJDOT reject an invoice?
Contract Managers along with Accounting Operations will be using the Contract Manager Checklist to review invoices for accuracy and completeness.

Some examples of rejections are:
  • Vendor name on the Payment Voucher PVC does not match the vendor name on NJSTART.
  • Missing original payment voucher PV(C) or invoice.
  • Missing original signatures.
  • Missing or incomplete supporting documentation for the prime or subconsultant.
  • Amount invoiced exceeds overall ceilings for basic and extra work modifications for either the prime or the subconsultants.
As a reminder, Department Policy and Procedure 348 mandates that the Contract Manager must review and reject an invoice within 10 business days from the point NJDOT is in receipt of an invoice.
Will my Payment Voucher PV(C) be rejected if it exceeds the individual line item ceilings on a Cost Plus Fixed Fee contract for the prime and subconsultant?
Effective August 1, 2008, Payment Vouchers for Cost Plus Fixed Fee contracts will be honored if the Fixed Fee amounts for prime and subconsultants are correct and the total costs are within the base agreement ceiling and the ceiling on any extra work modifications. Invoices will not be rejected if cumulative costs exceed various line item cost ceilings such as direct labor, direct expenses, overhead, or individual subconsultant ceilings. Any billings in excess of allowable fee will be reduced to the current ceiling amount allowed. NJDOT will still require that monthly Payment Vouchers detail actual costs versus budgeted for each of those contract line items. Progress reports must also continue to accompany the monthly Payment Vouchers.
Where can a consultant find information about Certified Payroll?
Certified Payroll information is available on NJDOT's Procurement Web site.
What does a consultant need to identify on a Payment Voucher PV(C) if submission is the result of an overhead audit?
You must identify the audit report number on the Payment Voucher PV(C) in the description area.
When can a consultant start billing the new audited overhead rate?
Firms can only bill the rate stated in the governing Contracts and Consultant Agreement Modifications (CAMs).

Provisional rates can be forwarded to the NJDOT Bureau of Auditing, PO Box 604, Trenton, NJ 08625 for review and use in any new proposals. At the time of audit, the billed overhead rate is adjusted to the actual audited or firm-prepared and approved overhead rate, and applied accordingly.

Information on the audit process is available on the NJDOT's Audit Web site.
Who should be my first point of contact when requesting status of payment?
Your first point of contact should be your Contract Manager. They can help provide information on the following:
  • Was my Payment Voucher PV(C) approved by the Contract Manager.
  • Answer questions regarding contract /extra work modifications/task orders status.
  • Access the internal Accounts Payable Log to determine status in Accounting.
Who does a consultant contact to find information on an outstanding invoice?
First, be sure the invoice is truly outstanding in accordance with the prompt payment protocol. If the invoice is outstanding, submit an Outstanding Payment Voucher form to resolve outstanding payment issues. You will receive a response within five business days.

Also, you can request access to New Jersey Department of Treasury's Vendor Payment Inquiry Web site to confirm if a check has been issued.
What does batching invoices mean and why does NJDOT want to do it?
NJDOT Accounting Operations will batch any invoices available related to a single Contract Agreement. NJDOT is noting an increased volume of invoices through the use of term Agreements and can limit the contract and funding review time through the batch process.
What if there's an issue with one of the invoices being batched?
The invoice will be removed and addressed separately. The remainder will be expedited through the batch process.
What is required of the consultant to enable NJDOT to batch multiple invoices within a Contract Agreement?
Complete and submit the Batch Approval Request (rtf 38k).
When was batching processing made available to the vendor?
Batch processing was made available by NJDOT in March 2009.
Does the NJDOT have any systemic ways to expedite payments?
NJDOT recommends two ways a vendor can assist in expediting payments:
  • Register with the New Jersey Department of Treasury for Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. This allows NJDOT to deposit payments directly into the checking account you designate.
  • Register with NJDOT that you are interested in batching related to a single Contract Agreement.
Goods and Services:
How can I obtain a Payment Voucher PV form?
For Purchase Orders, the Procurement Office mails preprinted details and a preprinted Payment Voucher. In most cases, the Payment Voucher needs to be verified, signed and returned along with the company invoices.

Note: If you are making payment against a blanket order, you may photocopy the preprinted Payment Voucher and adjust the amount as needed for billing purposes.

If needed, a blank Payment Voucher PV (rtf 330k) form is available.
How do I locate the purchase order number?
The purchase order number is a seven-digit number located at the top left hand side of the Payment Voucher. For every purchase order issued, the Procurement Office assigns a purchase order number. Guidance on finding the purchase order number or filling out the Payment Voucher (PV) form is available. If further information is needed, please contact the Procurement Office at 609.963.2332.
When is a Payment Voucher PV considered executable (ready for payment)?
NJDOT’s general terms and conditions for purchase order related payments considers a Payment Voucher PV executable when the following are received:
  • A completed Payment Voucher PV (items A-H) with original signature prepared and submitted by the vendor.
  • Vendor invoice that provides the vendor's name, address, invoice date, description of goods or services, reference to a purchase order number and total amount billed.
  • A Receiving Report (PS32 or EQ124) from the NJDOT unit in receipt of goods or services.
Note: The New Jersey Department of Treasury Circular Letter 98-17-OMB indicates if the vendor invoice includes nine requirements then only an invoice is required. Information regarding the two part match (pdf 112k) is available.

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