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Crosswalks are the safest place for people on foot to cross a road. However, while the law assigns pedestrians the right of way if they enter a crosswalk properly, it does not relieve pedestrians of the responsibility to keep alert and cross with caution. Here are answers to come commonly asked questions about crosswalks.
What is a crosswalk?
A crosswalk is an extension of the road, sidewalk, curb or edge of the shoulder at an intersection for people on foot. Crosswalks may be either marked or unmarked. A marked crosswalk is any portion of the road outlined by painted markings or a difference texture of concrete or pavers.
How are crosswalks used?
Drivers must be aware of crosswalks and stop for pedestrians who are within a marked or unmarked crosswalk.
Where are crosswalks usually marked?
Crosswalks are usually marked at intersections where there is a substantial amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, such as along school routes and at signalized and four-way stop intersections.
What are mid-block crosswalks?
crosswalk graphicSometimes crosswalks are marked at mid-block locations to accommodate pedestrian traffic or to minimize the distance between corner crosswalks. Signs frequently accompany the painted lines at these locations. Drivers approaching this type of crosswalk must stop for pedestrians.
What causes accidents within marked intersections?
Unfortunately, some drivers fail to obey the New Jersey law that says they must stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk. For this reason, pedestrians should remain alert while crossing.
What if a pedestrian crosses outside of a safe crosswalk?
The pedestrian jeopardizes his or her safety when crossing outside of a crosswalk zone. Drivers must always be alert to the movements of pedestrians, especially in places that attract them such as downtowns, schools and residential areas.
Why aren’t painted crosswalks everywhere?
Crosswalks exist at all legs of all intersections unless they have a sign that prohibits pedestrian crossing. Not every crosswalk is marked with painted lines. In fact, most are not. Drivers should know the laws and stop for pedestrians at all types of crosswalks.

Last updated date: October 14, 2020 2:50 PM