Department of Transportation

Off-site Traffic Mitigation Measures

Off-site Traffic Mitigation Measures image Temporary traffic mitigation measures will be implemented at six intersections along the Paterson Plank Road/Union Turnpike corridor to accommodate detoured traffic and to optimize traffic flow. These improvements will be in-place before any traffic restrictions are implemented along Route 495.

Improvements are planned for the following intersections:
  • Union Turnpike and Bergen Turnpike
  • Union Turnpike and Grand Avenue
  • Union Turnpike and Liberty Avenue
  • Paterson Plank Road and Route 1&9
  • Paterson Plank Road and Park Plaza Drive/Best Buy Driveway
  • Paterson Plank Road and Route 3 Westbound On-ramp
The temporary improvements will consist of minor intersection widening, restriping, and adjustments to traffic signal timing to provide additional capacity along the corridor to accommodate the anticipated increased traffic demands during construction.

Last updated date: November 2, 2020 11:30 AM