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The I-287/I-78, I-287/Routes 202/206 Interchange Improvements Project will enhance safety and improve traffic operations within the existing interchanges of I-287 with I-78 (Interchange 21A) and I-287 with Routes 202/206 (Interchange 22A). The project involves relocating the existing ramp from I-78 eastbound to I-287 northbound from a left side entry, as it currently exists, to a right side entry. This improvement will eliminate the downstream weave condition and reduce vehicle conflicts on I-287 northbound between Interchanges 21A and 22A.

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Location map (pdf 1.4m)

The project also includes realigning the existing ramp from I-287 northbound to Routes 202/206 southbound. This improvement will eliminate a stop condition at the ramp terminal to provide for continuous flow of ramp traffic onto Routes 202/206 southbound. It will also reduce potential queuing of traffic on the ramp (and onto I-287) and will reduce vehicle conflicts and maneuvering upon joining the Routes 202/206 southbound roadway. Other important project information includes:

  • A new flyover ramp from I-78 eastbound which connects with a right side entry to I-287 northbound by means of a new loop ramp. This new loop ramp will eliminate the existing ramp along with its left side entry to I-287 northbound.
  • The new flyover ramp will require construction of two new bridges spanning over the existing I-287 northbound and southbound roadways.
  • The existing ramp from I-287 northbound to I-78 eastbound will be shifted further to the south to provide room to construct the new loop ramp.
  • Anticipated public utilities to be impacted are concentrated along southbound Routes 202/206 adjacent to Exit 22A, the ramp from I-287 northbound to Routes 202/206 southbound. Electric, cable and telephone utilities are impacted by this project.
  • Right of Way (ROW) acquisitions are required for this project.
  • Traffic along I-287, I-78 and Routes 202/206 will be maintained throughout the construction. During the tie-in of reconstructed ramps a few short duration traffic diversions will be implemented within the project limits.
project map graphic
Project map (pdf 1.4m)

Last updated date: October 26, 2020 10:38 AM