Department of Transportation

Route 15 Southbound Temporary Bridge Installation

Route 15 Bridge is now open to all traffic
Last Update: July 14, 2024
Local businesses around Route 15 SB are open

The New Jersey Department of Transportation closed the Route 15 Southbound Bridge over the Rockaway River in Jefferson Township, Morris County on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

When monitoring equipment revealed movement in the structure, the Department chose out of an abundance of caution to close the bridge rather than leave a portion of it open to traffic.

NJDOT has developed an aggressive plan to construct a temporary bridge that will restore Route 15 southbound travel over the Rockaway River by July 19, 2024, just six weeks after the plan was created.

The temporary bridge will be 150 feet in length and is being built in sections off-site. The sections will be trucked to the site, lifted into place, and assembled. The temporary structure will be positioned directly above the remaining portion of the Route 15 southbound bridge. It will provide two travel lanes and accommodate passenger vehicles and trucks with no load restrictions.

temporary bridge
Construction crew grading the highway approaches

To meet the schedule, numerous activities will be occurring simultaneously. The following is a list of key milestones that will mark our progress in the coming days and weeks. This webpage will be updated regularly to indicate when each milestone has been reached.

Milestone Status
Establish emergency detour route Complete
Establish two-way traffic for residents Complete
Install temporary traffic signals at three locations Complete
Design of temporary bridge foundation Complete
Construction of temporary bridge foundation Complete
Design of temporary bridge Complete
Construction of temporary bridge Complete
Modification to existing drainage system for temporary bridge Complete
Grading of highway approaches to temporary bridge Complete
Paving of temporary bridge and approaches Complete
Striping of roadway Complete
Temporary bridge opens to traffic Complete

The larger project to replace the 124-year-old Route 15 SB Bridge over the Rockaway River will proceed while the temporary bridge is built. It will feature two 12-foot-wide travel lanes, 10-foot wide inside and outside shoulders, and sidewalks on both sides of the bridge. Construction of the project started in August 2022 and is expected to be completed in late 2025.


Motorists on Route 15 southbound wishing to take the bridge over Rockaway River will be directed to:

  • Take the ramp to Edison Road, which is approximately two miles north of the closed bridge
  • Continue on Edison Road/CR 615
  • Turn left onto Espanong Road/CR 615, and bear left onto Minnisink Road
  • Turn left onto Berkshire Valley Road
  • Take the ramp for Route 15 southbound
Motorists starting a trip on Route 15 SB south of the Edison Road intersection are directed to proceed south and complete a U-turn onto Route 15 NB at the Jefferson Tire Shop or further south at Taylor Road. Then proceed north, take the exit for Edison Road, and follow the detour listed above.

emporary traffic signal installed at the intersection of Berkshire Valley Road and Minnisink Road
Temporary traffic signal installed at the intersection of Berkshire Valley Road and Minnisink Road

Truck Detour

Truck-specific detour signs and message panels will be deployed soon. The Route 15 SB exit to Route 181 SB to Espanong Road to Minnisink Road to Berkshire Valley Road is a good option for trucks and cars enroute to I-80.

  • While Traveling on Route 15 southbound, turn left onto Taylor Road
  • Turn left onto Route 15 northbound and travel approximately 12 and ½ miles towards Route 94
  • Turn left onto Route 94 southbound
  • Travel south towards Route 206 for approximately 3 miles
  • Turn left onto Route 206 southbound
  • Travel south towards Route I-80 for approximately 14 miles
  • Turn onto Route I-80 eastbound and travel approximately 8 miles
  • Exit Route I-80 eastbound at exit 34 to north main street
  • Travel north on north main street approximately ½ mile and rejoin Route 15 southbound

Local Businesses

List of Open Local Businesses

  • Franco Hot Bagels
  • Adams Bagels
  • Jefferson Dinner
  • Jefferson Tavern
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Wendy's
  • McDonalds
  • Jefferson Dairy
  • Razor Edge
  • Angles
  • Paxos Electric
  • Club 15
  • All American
  • Postnet
  • Tap House 15
  • Alstede Farms
  • Mountain Tire
  • Castle Cove Mini Golf
  • Etch in Ink
  • All Roads Bakery
  • Tomco & Jefferson Recycling
  • Franks Pizza
  • Liquor Factory
  • Canine Country Club
  • DLA Executive Limo
  • Black Bear Fitness
  • Chabbons Liquors
  • Exxon
  • Realty Executive Property Squad
  • Heart and Paw Vet Clinic
  • Who Axed You
  • Jefferson Market
  • Gatwyns II
  • Jefferson Lumber
  • North Jersey MMA
  • Sebring Automotive
  • Chopstick King
  • GB Comfort
  • Roasted Breadfruit
  • Cross Country Mortgage
  • Fulton Bank
  • John Michael, CPA
  • Gray Law Group
  • Cars on 15
  • Northway Auto
  • Jefferson Cleaners
  • Valley National Banks
  • Route 15 Power Sports
  • Colorado Ski and Snowboard
  • Atlantic Communications
  • Jefferson Tire
  • B&J Market
  • Magic Lube and Rubber
  • Delta Gas
  • TPS Financial
  • Turul Books
Last updated date: July 2, 2024 2:54 PM