Department of Transportation

Preliminary Design

Preliminary Design is the stage of a proposed project's life where plans and engineering are developed to a level where the communities and public agencies can agree to advance the project to final design and construction. The original Preliminary Design for the Route 7 Wittpenn Bridge project was completed in November 2005. After the completion of the original Preliminary Design, the project underwent a Value Engineering Rightsizing Review. To account for this review, a revised Preliminary Design was completed in August 2007.

The following are some of the activities that were undertaken during Preliminary Design:

  • Preliminary roadway design
  • Preliminary structural design
  • Complete Right of Way plan
  • Prepare drainage design
  • Prepare lighting design
  • Prepare environmental permit applications
  • Gather subsurface information
  • Complete geotechnical foundation design
  • Complete geotechnical roadway design
  • Community relations
  • Conduct environmental testing
  • Mitigate cultural resources
  • Prepare traffic signing, striping and signal plans
  • Prepare ITS facilities design
  • Prepare PAECE reports
  • Subsurface utility engineering testing
  • Prepare preliminary construction cost estimate and schedule
  • Prepare traffic staging plans
  • Review constructability

Last updated date: January 19, 2021 2:45 PM