Department of Transportation

Proposed Improvements

The proposed improvements to the Mathis Bridge include:

  • replacement of the deck in the moveable span, flanking spans and the approach spans
  • safety improvements to the barrier and warning gates and railings
  • substructure repairs
  • structural steel repairs
  • bearing replacement and some painting
  • mechanical/electrical rehabilitation of the machinery and controls

Improvements will also be made to the approach roadway, guide rails, bridge and approach lighting, the traffic signal at the westerly jug handle and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices.

deck photo
This view is of the existing condition
of the top of the Mathis Bridge deck.
bascule span photo
This view is of the existing bascule span superstructure
of the Mathis Bridge (left) next to the Tunney Bridge (right)

Other important information includes:

  • There is no work on the westbound Tunney Bridge other than off-season temporary traffic shifts during construction staging. A temporary moveable construction barrier will separate traffic during the off-season shifts. Existing pedestrian access on the north sidewalk of Tunney Bridge will not be changed during the temporary traffic shift.
  • The Mathis Bridge deck width will be improved to provide three ten-foot wide lanes.
  • Approach roadway work is required in the immediate bridge vicinity to transition the roadway at each end for compatibility with the revised bridge deck geometry.
  • No public utilities are anticipated to be impacted by the re-decking work, nor are there any Right of Way acquisitions.
  • All re-decking and other structural work at the Mathis Bridge is at or above the High Water line.
  • Navigation will be maintained throughout the construction, but without openings of the moveable span during the lowest demand season, between mid-December and mid-March, for three seasons and as permitted by the United States Coast Guard. For the 2016/2017 season, the United States Coast Guard has allowed for the bascule span to remain in the down position between December 1 and April 21.

Last updated date: October 28, 2020 8:04 AM