Department of Transportation

2001 to Current Crash Tables

Crash records can be retrieved for any of the five tables listed in the drop down menu under “Table” which are:

  • Crash Table
  • Driver Table
  • Vehicle Table
  • Occupant Table
  • Pedestrian Table

Each table captured different information for the same “Crash” which is reflected in the name (Crash, Driver, Vehicle, Occupant and Pedestrian).

If necessary these tables can be linked by the first four fields (Year, County Code, Municipality Code, and Department Case Number).

The tables are available for the entire State of New Jersey and for any of its 21 counties from year 2001 to the most recent year available.

The data within the tables is in a file and displayed in comma delimited format. This format can be imported into various programs such as databases and spreadsheets.

The files are zipped in .TXT format files. A zip utility program is necessary to unzip and view the report files.

The order of the fields are described in the Master File Layout.

Year County Table

Last updated date: October 26, 2023 9:52 AM