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60 Hertz Power lines (EMFs)

Magnetic fields from power lines are not regulated by any federal or state agency. If you wish to have magnetic field measurements made, contact the electric utility owning the transmission or distribution line of interest. Refer to the information provided in the booklet link listed below in order to interpret your readings.

Find additional information at the following links:

Cell Phone Towers

Federal Agency Responsible - Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 1-888-CALL-FCC

Other Communications Sources - Radio and TV Broadcasting Towers, Satellite Earth Station Antennas, Microwave Towers, Two-way Antennas, Radar and Amateur Radio, electromagnetic interference complaints

Federal Agency Responsible - Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 1-888-CALL-FCC

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Cell Phones

Federal Agency Responsible - Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shares regulatory responsibilities for cell phones with FCC. FCC certifies wireless devices, and all phones sold in the US must comply with FCC guidelines on radiofrequency (RF) exposure. FDA has authority to take action if cell phones are shown to emit RF energy at a level hazardous to the user.

Tanning Beds

State Agency Responsible - NJ Department of Health 609-826-4941


Microwave Ovens

Federal Agency Responsible - Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 1-888-INFO-FDA

FDA has a performance standard for manufacturers of microwave ovens. For questions regarding radiation leakage, it is best to call the oven manufacturer.

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Laser Pointers

Federal Agency Responsible - FDA - Regulates manufactures of pointers 1-888-INFO-FDA

Lasing aircraft is a federal offense and falls under the shared jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and local law enforcement officials. To report an event, go to the following link:

General laser pointer info:

Laser Light Shows

Federal Agency Responsible - FDA 1-888-INFO-FDA

Owners need to obtain a variance for Class 3b and Class 4.

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Mercury Vapor and Metal Halide Lamps

Federal Agency Responsible - FDA - Performance Standards for manufacturers 1-888-INFO-FDA

Report suspected overexposures to FDA.

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Medical Use of Nonionizing Radiation

Federal Agency Responsible - FDA 1-888-INFO-FDA

FDA regulates the manufacturers of lasers, microwave, ultrasonic and RF sources used in medicine. Two major categories are:

MRI machines -

Ultrasound machines -

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Occupational Exposure to RF and Microwaves

Federal Agency Responsible - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1-800-321-OSHA

Suspected overexposures should be reported to your respective OSHA field office. For field office locations, go to the following link:

RF and Microwaves

EMF fields

ELF fields


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