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NJDEP-Bureau of X-Ray Compliance

Information about X-Ray Inspections

The Bureau of X-Ray Compliance has the authority under the Radiation Protection Act (N.J.S.A. 26:2D-1 et seq) to inspect all sources of ionizing radiation. In general, the Bureau will attempt to schedule a mutually acceptable date to conduct the facility inspection. The Bureau reserves the right to conduct unscheduled inspections as permitted by the Act. All ionizing radiation producing machines must be available for evaluation during the on-site inspection. Below, please find some helpful tips when preparing for an inspection,

All Facilities

Please make available:

  • Your Registration Form(s) for all x-ray sources.
  • Your radiation safety surveys for each installation; also referred to as radiation surveys of the environs.

Medical Diagnostic Facilities

Please make available:

  • The Facility's Quality Assurance manual that describes your established tests and procedures as part of your quality assurance program.
  • The records and films for all quality control tests that have been performed since your last inspection.
  • The most recent two annual medical physicist reports for each registered unit.
  • A list of all people who take x-rays at your facility. (Note: Licensed physicians do not need to be included in this list).

Dental Facilities

Please make available:

  • A list of all people who take x-rays at your facility. (Note: Licensed dentists do not need to be included in this list).

Industrial Facilities / Particle Accelerators / Electron Microscopes/ Cabinet X-ray Units

Please make available:

  • Written training and operator instructions for each registered industrial source.
  • Radiation exposure reports of all persons that operate, make set-ups, or align the x-ray unit.
  • Records that delineate the nature and frequency of testing any safety related devices associated with each installed x-ray device.

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