Law Enforcement Officer & Firefighter Removal Appeal Form
DPF-663 Application for Employment
DPF-1C QUAL Application for Qualifying Examination
DPF-29A Report on Progress of Probationer
DPF-29B Request for Extension of Working Test Period
DPF-29C Report on Progress of Probationer For Entry Level Law Enforcement Titles
DPF-29D Report on Progress of Probationer-Job Banding
DPF-31A Preliminary Notice of Disciplinary Action
DPF-31B Final Notice of Disciplinary Action
DPF-31C Final Notice of Disciplinary Action For Law Enforcement and Fire Fighter Removals
DPF-44 Position Classification Questionnaire (Local Employees)
DPF-44S Position Classification Questionnaire (State Employees)
DPF-178 Application for Reemployment
DPF-251 Grievance Procedure Form
DPF-279 Lump Sum Supplemental Compensation for Retirees Sick Leave
DPF-335 Appeal of Minor Disciplinary Action
DPF 481 Discrimination Complaint Processing Form (EEO/AA)
DPF-513 Amendment/Cancellation Request
DPF-651 Request for Increment Previously Denied
DPF-693 Request to Extend Leave of Absence to Accept Unclassified Appointment
DPF-714 Major Disciplinary Appeal Form
DPF-721 Intergovernmental Transfer Agreement
DPF-722 Appointing Authority Position Vacancy Request
DPF-725 Special Accommodations Request
DPF-728 Medical Authorization for Make-up Promotional Examination (Public Safety or Professional Engineering)
DPF-737 Hiring Freeze Exemption Request
CAMPS Forms  CAMPS Forms
DPF-748 Request for Certification
Fiscal & Management Statement
Request for Statewide Eligible List
EX-190 & 190A Firefighter Medical Clearance & Disclaimer of Liability Form
NJDMAVA 05A-1 Veterans Preference Claim Form
  2011 Police Sergeant Consent Decree Forms

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All forms in PDF format, unless otherwise noted.

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