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Feltville: Masker's Barn

New Jersey Historic Preservation Bond Program
Matching Grant Awards
Grant Award: $281,940 (1990); $409,175 (1992); $426,834 (1995);
Grant Recipient: Union County Parks & Recreation Div.
County: Union
Municipality: Berkeley Heights Township

In 1845, Daniel Felt founded Feltville as a small company village punctuated by Greek Revival-style buildings. Feltville was founded on Utopian ideals and beliefs in societal reform similar to other popular movements in nineteenth-century America. Occupants worked for Felt's stationary firm, Stationer's Hall. The particular specialty of the village was the production of colorful "marbleized" paper that was used for book end covers.

In 1882 Feltville became a summer resort called Glenside, and the cottages were remodeled in the rustic Adirondack style. By 1916 the popularity of the resort had declined due to increased mobility caused by the automobile, and a general preference for vacationing at the shore.

One of the buildings, the Masker's Barn, dates from 1885 and was originally used as a carriage house for summer visitors. The 1995 grant helped fund a total rehabilitation of the interior and exterior of this building, which will continue to provide space for educational programs and public lectures.

A 1992 grant funded the rehabilitation of the church/store as a visitor center. A 1990 Trust grant funded the stabilization of ten of the remaining village buildings.

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