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Tools for Preserving Historic Resources

Historic Structure Reports & Preservation Plans: A Preparation Guide (2nd Ed.)

Planning documents for historic properties were formally developed in 1935, and provide a means of documenting original construction, alterations and owners, identifying current conditions, and making prioritized recommendations for future work. Since their inception, the content and structure of these planning documents has evolved into “Historic Structure Reports,” and recently, in a more abbreviated form, “Preservation Plans.” The need for Historic Structure Reports and Preservation Plans is based on the understanding that each historic property is a unique and irreplaceable resource.

In 1998 the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office published the Historic Structure Reports & Preservation Plans: A Preparation Guide to assist those working with historic structures and sites in understanding the basic documentation and analysis that is necessary in planning for future care and treatment of historic resources. Administered by the New Jersey Historic Trust, with the collaboration of the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service, this second edition represents the first major revision of the Guide since its publication.

Historic Structure Reports & Preservation Plans: A Preparation Guide - Second Edition (PDF) 

Historic Structure Reports & Preservation Plans Checklist (PDF)

New Jersey's Statewide Preservation Plan

The New Jersey Comprehensive Statewide Historic Preservation Plan 2023-2028 developed by the NJ Historic Preservation Office (HPO). The Plan explores and evaluates New Jersey's history of preservation and presents a unified vision of historic preservation in New Jersey as individuals and organizations in New Jersey endeavor to protect and preserve New Jersey's rich historic and archaeological resources for the future. The goals and objectives outlined in the Plan reflect the unique considerations of communities across the Garden State, as well as overarching themes and topics shared by many historic and cultural resource stewards across the United States. This provides the frame-work for how to overcome existing barriers, leverage opportunities, improve stewardship of cultural heritage and fulfill the overall vision for protecting New Jersey's historic and cultural resources. This plan was developed with stakeholder and public input and is intended to guide planning and decision making by the Historic Preservation Office, other agencies of state government, municipalities, counties, non-profit organizations, and others who may affect these resources.

View and download the plan here.

Capital Needs Assessment

More than twenty years ago a survey of several hundred properties demonstrated a need for more than $400 million in capital repairs and improvements to New Jersey's historic resources. This documentation helped to solidify support for the preservation grant program through the Garden State Preservation Trust.

View and download the 1990 report here. (PDF)

In 2012 the Historic Trust collected updated information on today's historic sites and their needs for preservation funds for repair, restoration, rehabilitation and site improvements. The Capital Needs Survey identified more than $751 million in need for historic resources throughout New Jersey. Results were published in the report Keeping the Past Present: The New Jersey Historic Trust, 1967-2013.

Read the Executive Summary here. (PDF)

Read the full report here. (PDF)

Economic Impact of Historic Preservation: Partners in Prosperity

New Jersey's Partners in Prosperity study serves as a model for scores of other studies at the state, county, and local levels in communities across the country. Results of the study are quoted regularly by historic preservation advocates who know the findings are persuasive facts that encourage lawmakers, business decision makers, and private citizens to note the practical, positive impact that historic preservation has on our state and regional economies.

Read the report summary or download the complete research document here.

The Benefits of Historic Preservation

Click here to download the full PDF of "Twenty-Four Reasons Historic Preservation is Good for Your Community," published by PlaceEconomics. 

The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route In The State of New Jersey, 1781-1783: An Historical and Architectural Survey

The New Jersey Historic Trust announces the completion of The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route in The State of New Jersey, 1781-1783: An Historical and Architectural Survey by historian Robert A. Selig, Ph. D. The survey is an in depth and detailed study of military marches through the State of New Jersey during the American Revolutionary War of both French Army troops and Continental Army troops in 1781-1783 en route to the defeat of the British Army and General Cornwallis at the Battle of Yorktown, Virginia, October 19, 1781, and their return journey north.

The full study is available in three PDF files here.

New Jersey State History Plan

The New Jersey State History Plan builds on the recommendations that the Task Force for New Jersey History made to the Governor in 1997. The plan seeks to unite a diverse constituency and should be officially recognized as a public statement, endorsed by the history community, that lays the groundwork and provides guidelines for specific action to direct public policy and to encourage the provision of adequate resources for history institutions.

View and download the complete plan here.

Dispelling Common Myths

An Organizing Tool for Historic Preservation Advocates. 

View and dowload, here.

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