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The Child Advocacy Center – Multidisciplinary Team Advisory Board (CAC-MDT Advisory Board) exists in, but not of, the New Jersey Department of Children and Families. Its primary focus is the promotion of professional standards of quality in regards to New Jersey’s child advocacy centers – facilities that serve as safe spaces for the victims of child abuse and neglect, and which provide programs focused on abuse and neglect prevention. 

The CAC-MDT Advisory Board is charged with establishing a certification program for the State’s child advocacy centers and multidisciplinary teams to ensure that the certified centers and teams comply with the accreditation standards developed by the National Children’s Alliance.  The CAC-MDT Advisory Board will also be responsible for assisting in the development of new accredited child advocacy centers and the enhancement of those centers that currently exist in order to obtain accreditation. 

The CAC-MDT Advisory Board is comprised of volunteer members who have expertise in child welfare, child advocacy centers, and multidisciplinary teams – coordinated groups of experts that investigate claims of child abuse and neglect, sometimes in connection with the services provided at the Child Advocacy Center.  These members possess a variety of experience ranging from law enforcement to family advocates.


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